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Austintown Community Church Preschool Childcare Center celebrates Valentine’s Day in a unique way

March 4, 2020
The Town Crier

Valentine's Day is a great way to teach children about kindness and love for one another, which are two very important skills (social and emotional development) for preschoolers.

Austintown Community Church Preschool Childcare Center, located at 242 S. Canfield-Niles Rd. did just that by creating an imaginary place called Valentine Land. Valentine Land was first created by Bev Miller, a former director at the preschool, and has become an annual tradition over the last 50 years. The staff turns the auditorium into an imaginary airplane and the teachers dress up as airline pilots. They then take a pretend airplane ride around the world and land in Valentine Land. Once they depart the plane, they follow a path of hearts and rose petals to the Golden River. They cross over the river, filled with heart shaped fish, by walking across a bridge (balance beam). Once they make it across the bridge, they then enter Valentine Land. Here they use their social and emotional skills, as well as their imaginations to pretend to work in a post office and deliver mail or to work in a candy shop selling candy and flowers to waiting customers (children). The children also took time to make Valentine Day cards for their friends and family.

Valentine Land is a fun and creative way to teach children valuable skills that they will need as they enter elementary school and throughout life, such as sharing, taking turns and listening to directions. Above all else, they learn kindness and love for one another.

Article Photos

A.C.C. Preschool Childcare Center’s students work at the Valentine Land Post Office and deliver mail and work in the Valentine Land Candy Shop selling candy and flowers to waiting customers (children). In back are Allie Slatzer and Matthew O’Connell. At the table are Lacey Petrello, Lena Blakeman, and Daphne Rager.

Austintown Community Church Preschool Childcare Center is now registering children, ages 3-10 years of age, for their summer program and for the 2020-2021 school year. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact the current director, Mrs. Teeters, by calling 330-793-1843 or by emailing



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