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Boardman High School to begin a Veterans Video Library

November 19, 2018
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

A new project kicked off at Boardman High School on Veterans Day. Students in the video production courses begun interviewing veterans and getting their stories on a video. The collection will forever remain at the high school and will serve to help students understand the sacrifices made in the name of freedom.

"The idea came out of discussion between myself and Julie Sturgiss, the Faculty Leader for the Social Studies department," said Boardman High School Assistant Principal Anne Bott. "We discussed how the Holocaust Memorial Museum has recorded many survivors. It's a 'living history.' Our veterans deserve the same kind of respect."

One of the first veterans to be interviewed was Officer Paul Poulos, who serves as the school's resource officer. Poulos is a 10-year U.S. Army veteran who did tours in Iraq.

Students involved in the project are in the video classes that range from freshman to seniors. They will work on the interviews that will be made available through the BSTN channel.

"Our students in BSTN and video production are well-trained on our equipment," Bott said. "They will continue to hone their skills with these video segments as they become available to produce."

This new library will serve to honor the stories of veterans and record their stories for history. The hope is to connect with veterans from all eras so students will get to see the sacrifice military men and women made and are still making every day.

The videos will be available to teachers of any class where they can be used. If a class is studying a specific conflict and there are veterans interviews from that conflict, it will shed a new light on it as students will see and hear from those who were there.

For Bott, she is pleased that the idea took off and is underway. She also feels strongly about veterans.

"I believe that veterans are incredibly important members of our community," she said. "I believe they are heroes who far too often go without recognition. It is because of our veterans that the USA is the country that it is, with the freedoms that it offers. I look up to and admire our veterans. I feel their stories should be heard and remembered. I want our students to appreciate who veterans are and the sacrifices that they have made."



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