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Celebrate Poland trying something new

May 30, 2018
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

There are roughly four weeks to go until the 2018 version of Celebrate Poland. This year the committee is trying a new route to raise funds that seems to be going over well with local businesses.

According to Cindy Best, President of Celebrate Poland, this year's funding is coming from event sponsorships.

"This year we decided to give companies or families the opportunity to have their donation pay for a certain event," she said. "We also wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due."

A business or household can "sponsor or co-sponsor" any of the above events (including the Disco Inferno band.) Signage will be placed at that venue to indicate who made it possible. Celebrate Poland has always been run off donations. The average cost has been around $30,000 and sometimes there are unplanned expenses.

"The average cost is almost $30,000," Best said. "I say it that way because you never know if there is a major issue that needs dealt with. For example, a few years ago we had to have a new electrical service put in. When those things happen we are in serious financial trouble because at the end of the event there is not much money left. We were fortunate enough to have a very generous individual step up for that expense."

She said the Celebrate Poland committee basically starts over every year. For 2018, the donations are behind, which is a major concern that has the committee looking at every way possible to make donating easy.

"This year we are adding a new website with a link from our facebook page," Best said. "On our website there is a paypal link to make donating easy. We know that not everyone is a large donor, but we certainly understand that every bit helps."

As for the sponsorships, there are still two venues needing funding. There is still $10,000 available to fund for the fireworks display, and another $1,200 is need to fund the petting zoo and pony rides.

Best said the new corporate sponsorships let people know who is behind a venue. It will let people know to support that business. It will also help the committee get closer to their ultimate goal.

"We have the best group of people in our committee and we have agreed collectively that our goal is to get to the point that this could be an entirely free event for everyone with the exception of food," Best said. "We get closer each year but we are not there. This year the pony rides will be free, but we would like to get to the point of having enough sponsorships to offer the bounces free too."

Celebrate Poland will take place on June 29 and 30.

Celebrate Poland is an all volunteer event, with all costs covered by donations from the community. The Celebrate Poland committee is comprised of local interested citizens and volunteer help from Poland churches, primarily New Life Church, Poland Village Baptist Church and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

Also new this year, will offer a PayPal link to enable the public to make donations online.



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