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CJFD issues awards for service above and beyond

March 7, 2018
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

At the Feb. 26 meeting of the Cardinal Joint Fire District (CJFD) Board of Directors, time was set aside to honor safety force personnel for a life-saving effort, and one Canfield High School student who stepped up to prevent a disaster in the classroom.

On the CHS fire, it was 14-year-old Robert Tyler who stepped in to prevent a fire from spreading. On Jan. 3, a book was placed on top of a lamp in one of the classrooms at the high school. The heat of the lamp caused the book to break into flames. Thinking quickly, Tyler ran to the burning book and unplugged the lamp, and the fire dissipated.

"That [smaller] fire could have started a [larger] fire in the ceiling of the classroom," said Fire Chief Don Hutchison. "That was the reason for the award."

Article Photos

Photos Courtesy of the Cardinal Joint Fire District

Safety forces personnel were honored at the Feb. 26 meeting of the Cardinal Joint Fire District Board of Directors' meeting for their quick, life-saving efforts in January. Pictured are firefighters Brian Blevins, Joe Morell, Shane Uhrain, Gio Melia, Capt. Troy Kolar, dispatcher Pam Vizzini, police officer Mark Meshula, and firefighter Shawn Fiffick.

The second incident happened on Jan. 11. A local man had just finished a daily run when he returned home and collapsed, suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. Canfield safety forces responded and saved the man's life.

"The time-line was amazing, from the time the wife called 9-1-1 to the arrival of police was less than three minutes."

Hutchison said it began with a phone call from the wife about her husband being sick and then unresponsive. Canfield dispatcher Pam Vizzini, who immediately gave pre-arrival instructions to the family while advising police and fire rescue units.

First on the scene was Canfield Police Officer Mark Meshula, who immediately began life saving CPR. Meshula had arrived in less than three minutes from the call being placed.

One minute after Meshula arrived, the CJFD crew showed up. The firefighters immediately went to work.

"They defibrillated him three times," Hutchison said. "His heart never restarted until after CPR and an I.V. with medication and shock on the third attempt."

Hutchison said it was the skilled training of all concerned and the quick response time that saved the man's life. Along with Meshula and Vizzini, fire fighters Brian Blevins, Joe Morell, Shane Uhrain, Gio Melia, Shawn Fiffick, and Capt. Troy Kolar were each recognized for their fast response and life-saving efforts.



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