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Council approves ordinance

April 27, 2017
By J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Poland Village Council held a third reading to an ordinance revising the rear lot line setbacks for sheds.

Zoning Administrator Tim Clavins presented the issue and the proposed changes at the April 18 meeting.

Clavins said the old wording called for a 10-foot setback for sheds. The way it was worded, he said, did not set a limit on the size shed.

He told council it would be one thing to have a 12-foot-by-12-foot shed with the 10-foot setback from the property line, but sheds can be larger today, almost mirroring a barn in size. To have a large building with a 10-foot setback would not be a good thing, Clavins said.

The proposed ordinance called for the 10-fot setback for sheds under the 144-square-foot size. Sheds larger than 144 square feet would have a 24-foot setback.

The ordinance was approved in a 4-0 vote from council members Joe Mazur, Linda Srnec, Leah Wilson and Christine Yash.

On a different matter, an idea came before council involving golf carts.

The discussion was held about possibly licensing carts and permitting them on village streets.

In preparation for the discussion, Village Solicitor attorney Joseph Macejko did some background checking into other Ohio cities that permitted golf cart use.

"There are many villages and towns [in western Ohio] that allow golf carts on the roads," he said. "The entities actually have inspections and license the carts."

He said for the most part, legalized golf carts are only permitted on roads with a speed limit of 35 or less. The carts would be required to have headlights, tail lights, brake lights, mirrors and proper tires.

"They operate as a vehicle on the public roads and would not be allowed on sidewalks," Macejko said.

Police Chief Russell Beatty was asked for his opinion on legalizing golf carts. He said it would not be a good fit for Poland Village.

"Just to make one street legal may not be feasible," he said. "And I would hate to see someone hit by a car while on a golf cart."

From the Poland Forest Board of Trustees, Eleanor Zedaker added that she would not want to see golf carts in the forest either.

In other business, Zedaker told council the recent mustard plant pull in Poland Forest was a huge success and there were many new faces in the volunteer ranks.



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