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Dobbins students enter time tunnel

February 2, 2017
By J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Dobbins Elementary School was transformed into a time machine Jan. 23 as third-graders were introduced to Poland history by taking a step back in time.

The Poland Historical Society presented a program to the school's six third-grade classes that focused on Poland's history from 1976 to the present.

The staff said studying the community is part of the school's curriculum, so when the students were divided into three separate one-hour sessions, they were actually entering the "Poland Time Tunnel."

"It was a good program, and I was impressed on how well behaved the students were and all seemed very interested in what we had to say about Poland's history," society Vice President Laurie Fox said.

She said the "tunnel" began in 1796, and the society shared information with the children about the development of Poland over the past 220 years, before re-entering to the present day.

A total of five members of the Poland Historical Society visited Dobbins and shared various historical topics with the third-graders, beginning with the Connecticut Western Reserve's Town One Range One, which is now Poland.

The students really enjoyed entering and exiting the activity room through a "time tunnel." It was a 12-foot long tunnel with flashing colorful lights and streamers that gave the impression of time travel. The tunnel was set up in the doorway of one of the classrooms so as students entered, they got to the experience the set up.

On the other side were Poland Historical Society representatives Fox, President Larry Baughman, Secretary Dave Smith, Trustee Mary Ina Jones and member Christa Buckler.

"In a community where we take great pride in our history, this is an ideal lesson for third graders," Dobbins Principal Michael Daley said. "Our Bulldogs graduate Poland knowing history is important and the connection to the community is fostered here."

Some of the historical topics the members covered were the hardships of the early Pioneers, the growing population that brought new housing, businesses, churches, schools and a park to the community, and notable people who were from Poland - including John Hirschbeck, Jones' son-in-law and a former umpire for Major League Baseball.

"We left [the students] with the message to carry on Poland's tradition of working together, take pride in their community and look forward to the future," Fox said.



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