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Canfield fifth graders hold Idiom Day

June 19, 2014
The Town Crier

''You've got ants in your pants.'' ''I'm not made of money.'' These are phrases that we often hear or use daily, but many don't know that they are a form of figurative language called ''idioms.''

The students in Julie Webb's fifth-grade language arts classes at Canfield Village Middle School decided to take their newly acquired knowledge to the next level. To wrap up the unit on figurative language, the students decided to dress up as an idiom.

''They worked creatively to display themselves as catch phrases we use all the time in common conversation, and winners were selected from each class,'' said Webb.

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Photo Special to the Town Crier
Students in the language arts classes at Canfield Village Middle School dressed in costumes that represented an idiom. Pictured are Dom Magliocca, 'ants in your pants'; Vincent Machuga, 'nutty fruit cake'; Connor Guzzi, 'made of money'; Luke Morrell, 'cards on the table';  Riley Merritt, 'air out your dirty laundry'; Tati Cavallero, 'on the case'; Maddy Thomas, 'snug as a bug in a rug'; Miranda Peckman, 'that's the way the cookie crumbles'; and (on the ground) Eda Yazar, 'sleep on it.'

Some of the phrases that students dressed up as include: ''ants in your pants''; ''nutty fruit cake''; ''made of money''; ''cards on the table''; ''air out your dirty laundry''; ''on the case''; ''that's the way the cookie crumbles''; and ''snug as a bug in a rug.''



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