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Poland Village continues discussion on tree removal

August 28, 2013
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

Poland Village Council continued a discussion on what to do about two dangerous trees near the intersection of Ohio 170 and Riverside Drive at last week's meeting. The decision was to send out letters and give property owners a chance to remove the trees themselves.

One of the trees in question is at 4 Riverside Drive and the other is on Ohio 170 at a home referred to as the "bank" because it once served as a bank. The trees in question are almost next to each other and have dead limbs that have already caused one serious problem. One tree had a limb break off and strike a passing vehicle, causing extensive damage.

Council is concerned about the trees because they continue to pose the threat of falling limbs. They could also take out power lines or fall on one of the historic structures as well as block Ohio 170.

Village attorney Anthony D'Apolito told council the only liability they have in the matter is to keep the roadways safe.

Zoning Inspector Dave Raspanti got prices to cut down the two trees. The one on Riverside would cost $1,085 and the one on South Main came in at $535. Both jobs would also charge $170 each to remove the stumps and another $170 to haul the wood and debris away.

Some council members thought it would be a good idea to first talk to the property owners and give them a chance to arrange their own tree service to do the job. If the village does it, they would have the right to bill the homeowner and, if need be, assess the property taxes for the cost of the service.

Council President Joe Mazur said nder ordinance 1024.14, the property owner is responsible for the cost of removing any tree, plant or shrubbery removed by the village.

After the discussion, Raspanti said his first move will be to contact the property owners and see what their intentions are.

The other order of business was the final awarding of the paving contract. The contract went to Butch and McCree Paving for $92,988. The paving program will include Johnston Place, Second Street, Nesbitt Drive between Ohio 170 and North Lima Road, and portions of Riverside Drive.

Also approved at last week's meeting was the expense of $2,400 for the replacement of a traffic signal at U.S. 224 and Ohio 170. The light was knocked down by a vehicle and it was stated the village would seek reimbursement from the insurance company.

In other business

Councilwoman Linda Srnec told her fellow council members that the new health care laws will be kicking in soon. She plans to do some investigating now into how the new laws will affect the village and will report back at a future meeting.



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