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Trash and Treasure Sale to help fund international mission

April 11, 2013
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

This Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Canfield Presbyterian Church on West Main Street (U.S. 224) in the city of Canfield is holding a Trash and Treasure Sale to raise funds for an international mission trip in late July. High school students and adult church members showed up at the church on Monday and continued working each day up to the sale to get a huge amount of donated goods separated, placed and priced.

"This is the first international trip in over a decade," said Pastor Larry Bowald.

He said the church takes part in a mission trip every year. In recent years, a delegation from the church went to assist in poverty-stricken areas that included a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and in Kentucky.

Article Photos

Photos By J.T. Whitehouse, Town Crier
Canfield High School senior Isaac Bowald and his brother Dylan Bowald, a junior at CHS, start separating the donated goods for the Trash and Treasure Sale that will help fund an international mission trip from the Canfield Presbyterian Church.

This year, the church members decided it was time to take on an international mission and they found a dire need in Haiti. Youth Director Julie Angelo said the groundwork of funding was already started years ago.

"When the addition was added to our church a few years ago, the congregation set aside funds for an international trip," Angelo said. "It just took us a while to get organized."

She said the biggest challenge is the financial end of it. She said it is very expensive and more than just the former donation would cover. To help defray the costs, the church is holding the Trash and Treasure Sale this Saturday. Members of the congregation and families whose children are in the daycare center pitched in and donated a plethora of items that filled the stage in the multi-purpose room at the church and spilled over into some of the classrooms.

This week, church members and youth organized the items and helped price them. It took five days to accomplish the task. Once the sale is over, the funds will be added to the donations for the trip.

The mission trip itself will take place from July 24 through Aug. 2. Nine adults and 12 young people will be making the trip. When the group arrives, they will be staying in the Dominican Republic, right over the border from Haiti. They will travel back and forth to accomplish the mission goals, which include conducting several Bible schools for the children and completing the construction of a new school for the poor children in a remote area of Haiti.

"We will also hold a medical day at a clinic," Angelo said. "We have put together 250 person hygiene kits to be handed out to people who have never seen a toothbrush."

In fact, most of the kits came from donations from area businesses and dentists. Angelo said they will be taking 3,500 toothbrushes to be handed out.

In the end, it is the giving and sharing that means a lot to those going on the mission. Church member Sue McCurley said she loves going on the mission trips and was among the church members who made the last international trip over a decade ago.

"I have been to Kenya, and am looking forward to Haiti," she said.

Also signed on to the Haiti trip are Boardman residents Jill Jones-Heintz and her son Tyler Heintz, who is a junior at Boardman High School.

"I am a little nervous about the trip, but it will be good because we do good things," Jill said.

This will be Jill's second mission trip with the church and Tyler's third. As for going out of the country, it will be a first for both.

Church organist Sherry Goddard will also be among the delegation from the church. She will be going with her husband and daughters.

"This is a new thing," she said. "It's the first time adults and high school kids will be going out of the country. It's a little out of our comfort zone, but we are hoping to finish the school in Haiti so it can open this fall."

Some of the church members who are going on the trip will be around on Saturday to help with the sale. They are hoping for a good turnout and hope to make enough for the trip. The group has seen a lot of local support both in sale items and in the goods they need for the Haitian children.

"We have been very, very blessed so far," Angelo said.



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