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School security upgrades up and running this week

February 7, 2013
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

A crew from Elk Enterprises out of Cleveland was finishing the installation of new security doors at Canfield schools this week. All four buildings were upgraded with security doors and the latest technology designed to keep students and staff safe.

"We are continuing the effort to put barriers between visitors and students and staff," said Canfield Superintendent Alex Geordan. "All schools are now locked with the only access through the main door security system."

Geordan said the two elementary school buildings, Hilltop and C.H. Campbell, and the high school have been equipped with security cameras and buzz-in systems. Anyone approaching the school will be seen on camera and they will have to ring a buzzer then state their purpose. If the visit is legitimate, they will be allowed to report to the main office for a pass.

Article Photos

Photo by J.T. Whitehouse, Town Crier
Mike Miles and son Jeff Miles from Elk Enterprises out of Cleveland install the new doors that will serve as a barrier for security at Canfield Village Middle School. The doors will prevent easy access to the middle school from the Board of Education office.

At the middle school, a new second set of doors have been installed that isolate the main office entry area from the rest of the school. Similar doors have been installed at the Board of Education offices. In both cases, visitors are forced to enter the office area in order to get access to the school building itself.

"All schools will be locked with the only access at the main entrance, through a security system," Geordan said.

Business Manager Rich Archer said Elk Enterprises offered one set of doors at no charge.

"We've been giving doors away as opposed to buying expensive advertising," said Elk co-owner Dave Miles. "It works."

Archer said while Canfield did get a pair of free doors, it didn't guarantee the company would get the contract for the rest of the buildings. He said the project was still put out to bid and it just happened that Elk had the best prices.

Even with the doors installed, the security upgrades are not yet finished. Geordan said the final touch will come with a "panic button."

"If you look at Chardon and Sandy Hook, response time was a major factor," Geordan said. "God forbid it would ever happen here, but we will have a very fast response."

He said each school will be equipped with what he called a panic button. Administrators will be able to press it in the case of an emergency and within 13 seconds, police would be notified. He said the button will send immediate information to police cars from Canfield and the Mahoning County Sheriff's cruisers.

"They will immediately be alerted to a problem and at which school building," Geordan said. "They will get a text and email that they are needed."

He said the system gets police to the scene as quickly as possible. He also hopes it will never have to be used, but if it's needed, it will be in place.



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