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Union student has 'write' stuff

November 14, 2012
By Kathleen Palumbo , Town Crier correspondent

Like many writers, she garners inspiration from other writers, longs to explore far-away lands, and has chosen a pseudonym, Jennifer Green. Unlike most writers however, Miss Green is in the fourth grade.

A student at Poland Union Elementary, last year Green began small, initiating a school newsletter of sorts and this year, continues to hone her skills working on a more involved school newspaper.

Already an aspiring writer, Green said she first found inspiration in the story of her American Doll, Kit Kittredge, a nine-year-old girl growing up amid the struggles of the Great Depression. With a hankering for news and access to only the reports on the hard times the nation was facing, Kit chooses to pen her own newspaper stories, reporting on the happenings at her home.

"It inspired me to do a newspaper," said Green of Kit's story, which resulted in her initial efforts at Union Elementary.

Calling Green a leader, school Principal Mike Masucci said the first edition of the 2012-2013 school newspaper is slated for a late November release, with Green adding that the first edition will offer staff and her fellow classmates updates on PTO functions, such topics as the school's new breakfast program, and a shout out to the successes of the boys and girls soccer teams.

"I do most of the writing myself," said Green, adding that she wants to be a little older before branching out into delegating responsibilities to others. Hinting at one of her favorite aspects of being the creator of the school paper, "It's kind of cool having meetings with Mr. Masucci," she said.

Despite the responsibility she has taken on with the school newspaper, Green remains eager for yet more writing in her life, sharing that she wishes they had more writing in school, and saying, "I definitely need a lot more notebooks at home."

Also an avid reader, Green said she counts among her favorites, A.J. Stern's "Frankly Frannie," a series of tales about a third-grader who for a period of time chooses to be called Frankly B. Miller and creates havoc with her lofty aspirations of a job, her own office, business cards and a briefcase; all in her ongoing quest to be a grown-up.

With equally lofty aspirations of her own, Green's goals are widespread and include teaching fourth grade, entertaining her desire to travel while continuing to follow the path of a journalist, and the impressive ambition of a civil rights activist.

It's easy to see the parallels between the precocious Frannie and Green; both wise beyond their years, that familiar reach-for-the-stars attitude, and of course the preference for using a pseudonym. What's also easy to see is the possibility of Green finding a way to make it all happen.

Who knows, one day Union Elementary may be home to a fourth-grade teacher who spends her summers traveling the globe and penning her memoirs all the while championing civil rights. Miss Green perhaps?



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