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City Council increases Civil Service budget

November 14, 2012
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

Canfield City Council voted to increase the Civil Service testing budget at the Nov. 7 meeting. The city has a large number of applications to the police department who will be testing this week.

City manager Joe Warino said the Civil Service Commission handles testing to city jobs including the police department and dispatching center. To be considered, a candidate first makes application, then has to be tested. Earlier this year, the city was seeking to fill the position of IT technician as well as nine applicants who wanted to get on the Canfield Police Department.

The Civil Service exam is written as well as physical. The nine applicants were narrowed to only two who passed the tests. The test results are good for two years from the date of the test.

"[This week] we are giving the test to 30 applicants interested in the police department," Warino said. "Within the next two years we do expect some turnover from retirement and personnel leaving the department."

When a vacancy does happen, those who passed the tests will be in line to be hired. Warino said over a month ago the tests were given for dispatching.

For the 30 applicants this week, the testing will cost the city $550, which required increasing the testing budget.

Council also created a new fund for replacement of the water main coming from the city of Youngstown. Warino said the present water main is deteriorating and there have been several line breaks in the recent year.

The new fund will be set up to handle the city's 50 percent match to a $150,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The grant will help replace the main with a modern PCV line that will resist deterioration from acidic soils.

Council moved $20,000 to the newly established fund to help cover the cost of engineering needed to put the job out to bid.

"We will front the engineering cost and get reimbursed when the project is completed," Warino said. "We expect this will be a spring project."

In other business:

Canfield resident Frank Micchia addressed council on expanding the term limits issue. Micchia was the resident who got the issue of term limits for council members and the mayor on last week's ballot. Both issues passed and Micchia said he would like to see council consider making term limits for those serving on boards and committees in the city. Among boards and committees that would fall under the request are the parks board, design review committee, Civil Service committee, income tax review board, and the zoning board of appeals.



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