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Trustees look into weight limits on Austintown roadways

September 12, 2012
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

At Monday's Austintown trustees meeting, a discussion was held on the weight limits for commercial vehicles on certain roads within the township. Among the roads in question were North Anderson, Kirk, and Turner roads.

The concern was over commercial vehicles exceeding weight limits and possibly damaging the road surface. Police Chief Robert Gavalier said it is hard for township police officers to enforce weight limits when the township has no portable scales.

"Canfield and Beaver townships went together and bought portable scales," Gavalier said. "Overweight commercial vehicles try to avoid those communities because they know the police have scales."

He suggested talking to Canfield to see if they would loan Austintown the scales from time to time. He said when drivers know Austintown may have scales, they will avoid using the roads when they are overloaded.

While Gavalier said he would talk with Canfield, trustees took measures to get appropriate weight limit signs posted on the roads in question. They approved a motion to request the signs from the county commissioners.

On a lighter note considered to be very serious, Trustee Jim Davis mentioned that a week from this Friday is the Fitch-Boardman rivalry football game. Davis requested residents take certain steps until after the big game.

"I don't want to see anyone wearing maroon," he said in a serious tone. "And no one should be heading to Boardman to shop. This is serious business when the Falcons and Spartans meet."

He said last year, Boardman trustees challenged Austintown leaders to a game of cornhole prior to the game. The Austintown trustees lost big time.

Trustee Dave Ditzler said Boardman Trustee Brad Calhoun was hitting the hole in one out of three throws while the Austintown players were averaging one in nine.

"I want a rematch," Davis said.

Trustee Lisa Oles said she would decline the competition and turn her spot over to township fiscal officer Laura Wolfe, who gladly accepted and was eager to take on the Boardman counterparts.

Whether the Boardman trustees accept the challenge or not, Davis said the Fitch stands should be packed for this game.

"The Falcons are 3-0," he said. "I want to see the stands packed because this year's Fitch football team is the real deal."

In other business:

Davis presented Oles with a bouquet of flowers as a way to say thanks for her efforts in setting up the Austintown Township display in the government building at this year's Canfield Fair.

Trustees approved a motion to approve four contracts with Strollo Architects concerning the Westchester Building renovation.

Under the park report, Park Department head Todd Shaffer said the new dog park area at Township Park has been fenced and ready for use. He said anyone is welcome to use it, but the dog obstacle course is still in the making and not available yet.

Oles said she was happy to report the township had secured a gas rate of 3.99 mcf for the coming year beginning in October. Ditzler mentioned that when the township first started with gas aggregation, the price was at 7.87 mcf and had risen to almost 10.00 mcf. "This is really a great price," he said.

Trustees also approved a list of nine nuisance properties.



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