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Village Treasurer resigns

August 29, 2012
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

Poland Village Council took on a sad face when clerk-treasurer Linda Srnec announced she would be stepping down from the position, effective Dec. 1. She said she wanted to give enough notice to be able to help the next person fulfill the duties of the office.

"I'm sure you all know that I have not felt the same about this office since the May meeting and therefore I've decided to submit my resignation as clerk-treasurer effective Dec. 1," Srnec told council.

She said if she left abruptly it could be devastating to the operations of the village. She preferred to stay around a few months and work with the person Mayor Tim Sicafuse would have to appoint to fulfill her term of office.

"I am giving three months notice as I am aware that leaving abruptly could possibly be devastating to operations," she told council.

While Srnec didn't go into details regarding reasons for her decision, she did make the following statement: "In many instances, I've been criticized for wanting to be sure we do things correctly. It is not my intention to publicly point fingers at anyone as I do not think anything constructive can come of that. I think it is important to clarify that the person in this elective office, not only has the prerogative, but the obligation to speak to the state auditor's office or any other regulatory agency to clarify any legal and procedural issues regarding the village operations in order to protect the village and themselves."

Srnec has been the village clerk-treasurer for 21 years. She told council the welfare of Poland Village has become a part of her life and that is why she wants to stay around long enough to break in the new person.

Council also dealt with the issue of a third permit to the owner of 12 Poland Manor. Discussions took place as to what route the village should take. The owner's building permit will run out in a few weeks and the work has not been completed. The project is under a second permit, and in the two years, only a large hole is in the ground at this point.

The discussion involved a variety of ideas from fining him for zoning violations to refusing a third one-year permit. After a lengthy discussion, Village solicitor Anthony D'Apolito said holding back a third permit would merely prevent him from doing any work. He suggested charging him full price for the third permit.

Zoning inspector Richard Ames said he was supposed to meet with the owner before next council meeting and has asked for a timeline of construction.

Councilman Dave Raspanti said, "A new zoning permit should not be issued until we see what is going on at the next council meeting."

In other business:

Council approved an acknowledgement of paying village street employees their normal rate of pay when working on the Hine Memorial property. D'Apolito said council needed to pass it as an acknowledgement, then forward to the Hine Memorial Fund board of directors for their agreement to honor that pay scale. Presently, a Hine Memorial Fund agreement sets a specific hourly rate that is lower than village workers earn.

Councilman Joe Mazur informed council that the state will be installing a traffic light on U.S. 224 on Sept. 24. He said the new light will cost $113,450, but won't cost the village anything because it is being done through an Eastgate grant. He said the new light will be tied into the one at Ohio 170 to work together.



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