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Council hears complaints on local industry

June 14, 2012
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

Canfield City Council heard from a handful of neighbors who live near the Star Extruded Shapes company during the Wednesday, June 6 regular meeting. Those speaking brought up a variety of issues dealing with noise and property maintenance.

The first to speak on the issue was Dennis Opritza. He ran down a list of things that neighbors were concerned about.

"They are dumping scrap at 3 or 4 a.m. waking us up," he told council.

He also mentioned the dust created by the commercial vehicles pulling in the parking lot. He said the dust can get so thick that a person can't see across the road.

Other complaints concerned the upkeep of the property and the behavior of its employees. One complaint concerned two female employees arguing loudly in the parking lot and using profanity at 10 a.m. It was mentioned that one mother to take her children inside the house so they wouldn't be subjected to the profanity.

As to the maintenance issues, Jason Kyle, a resident of Herbert Road said the grass around the company property was un-mowed and was an eyesore. He too mentioned the noise over night was waking him up.

"You're welcome to come to my house and spend the night to see for yourselves," he told council.

City attorney Mark Fortunato said he and city manager Joe Warino would go and speak with company owners about the problems. He told those present that mowing and property maintenance issues are fixable.

In other business:

Council was questioned on when the remaining two dying trees at the new Greasel Park property were going to be taken down. Warino said there is a list and the recent storm may have required other trees to be bumped ahead of those two, but they were on the list to come down.

Frank Micchia brought up several issues that included getting a list of abandoned homes in the city, speeding on residential streets, being informed of who is sponsoring city ordinances, and concern over a brick building on Cardinal Drive that houses gas company piping. He said the brick structure was too close to the road and caused a blind spot where a child could get hit by a car. He did praise the city on the purchase of the speed recording trailer that has eased speeding on city streets.

Jack Saunders from First Night Canfield asked if Council had made a decision on placing banners on the city light poles. Fortunato informed him that it was in the city's right-of-way and could not be permitted. Council agreed.

Nancy Newton from the Canfield Historical Society asked for guidance on how to go about planting and dedicating a tree and placing a park bench on the Village Green to honor the late Pat Sabo, who dedicated herself to preserving the history of Canfield.



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