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Park Board rocks the scenery at Greasel

June 7, 2012
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

Kids visiting the Greasel Park playground will have a new challenge before them. They now have two climbing rocks that will replace the old wooden piece that was becoming a problem.

The former wooden structure was deteriorating from weather and age. Although it was still standing and was usable, the wood was causing splinters and kids were started to avoid it because of the carpenter bees that were boring into it. In order to replace it, City Council budgeted funds this year to order a new piece.

"We wanted to get something different for the children," said Park Board member Nancy Brundage.

Article Photos

Pleased to see the new Greasel Park climbing rocks put to use are Canfield Park Board members Bob Minkler, Mark Eddy and “Eli,” Nancy Brundage, Diane Degman, and Nick Rosian.

The board researched and found the climbing rocks from Landscape Structures Inc. The climbing rocks are made with footholds that a child can use to climb to the top. The largest of the two rocks stands roughly three feet high and can hold four or five children at the top. The smaller one stands about a foot high and is perfect for younger children.

The rocks are made to look natural and includes fossil imprints that would be found in nature. Each rock weighs one ton with the larger one being hollow. Park Board President Mark Eddy was on hand when they were installed.

"The company put down a limestone base that was tamped down," he said. The rocks were carefully set into place on the base. They should last forever and they are eco friendly."

He said the rocks are made from a concrete-resin mix that can withstand the harshest weather. The cost for the rocks was $9,000 and the company said they have not had any problems with them. In fact, the board was told they are virtually maintenance free.



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