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Urgent message for parents

March 30, 2012
The Town Crier

Dear Editor,

Parents knowledge seem to be absent when it's needed most as their juvenile daughters post inappropriate pictures on Facebook to gain public attention for personal confidence.

I was taught to respect others but most importantly, myself, my body. In today's generation, adolescents are becoming brainwashed by the sadly portrayed images of celebrities and TV shows as well as lacking the importance of parent's morals.

Shows on Nickelodeon and the Disney channel, such as "Victorious" or "Shake It Up," illustrate the kind of behaviors you don't want your young child to inherit. Impressionable minds are soaking up these "role models" and thriving off their actions.

In shows, like "Victorious," young teenage actors/actresses depict the "normal" life of junior celebrities as some females are labeled as naive, dumb, obnoxious or dress a little too revealing. The more children engage in these shows, the more they will form the idea that it is OK to act like "Kat" from "Victorious" who plays the role of a dumb high school student who fails to grasp the concept with nearly anything. What could anyone possibly learn from that? Immature minds may view that as something funny, something to imitate. The more children see their "role models" act a certain way or wear shorts/skirts or shirts that are too short, the more they will view this as acceptable, which leads me to my next point- Facebook exposure.

Now, I understand that Facebook IS the social network, which means everyone can see everything, but the line between privacy and publicity is quite invisible. For some people, morals must not exist.

As a frequent Facebook user, I happen to come across photos floating through my news feed of half clothed juvenile and pregnant girls, some of who I know, and some even from other countries.

My immediate thoughts usually are, "What was this girl thinking?" "Lacking self-esteem much?" and most importantly, "Where are the parents of this immature, mindless child whose cleavage is larger than mine?" Probably feeling obligated to voice opinions, Facebook users often comment with words that are not-so-pleasant nor soothing to hear.

Erotically putting yourself on the social network will never gain you the pleasure of feeling good about yourself, if anything, it should feel rather demeaning.

Maybe "Jersey Shore's" Snooki should wipe the bronzer off her face and remove those shutter shades so she can see how she and other poor role models are affecting the minds of naive, susceptible children. Or perhaps, parents should stop bickering about whether or not their sons will be starting on the varsity football team and focus on what their daughters are posting on the Internet.

Although being only 22 years of age, my children will grow up with the proper respect for others and for themselves. Never, at age five, will they be listening to the songs of a rapper parallel to Nicki Minaj with lyrics that contain lines such as, "He cold, he dope, he might sell coke." Let's face it parents, be responsible for the solemn fact of your children and the world will be less populated.



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