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Sewer meeting revealed future plans

March 15, 2012
By J.T. Whitehouse , Town Crier

Following last week's regular Canfield City Council meeting, more than 25 residents stuck around for a special information meeting on the sewer problems in the city. They were offered a look at recent research and what plans are being considered for the immediate future.

"We presented projects that focus on the most severe cases first," Warino said. "Homes that are battling sanitary sewer back up in the storm sewers are a priority."

Part of the program offered details about the recent mapping of the city's sewer system. A camera system was run in sewer lines to check for problems. One area that revealed a problem was Verdant Lane, Garwood Drive area. Flow meters were placed in the sewer lines and it is believed there are several cracked footer drains causing a flow problem. Also, dye testing was done on homes on Verdant and three came back with problems of storm water entering the sanitary system.

By running a camera through the sanitary sewer on Verdant, it was discovered there was a collapsed section.

"We are getting quotes to take care of the repair," Warino said. "The line is 8-and-a-half feet deep, which is deeper than our equipment can go."

He said there was also an interceptor on Garwood that was found to have several inches of debris build up in it. That debris was removed by the city utilities crew.

Warino said the two big projects coming out of the study are the Hood Drive-Fairview Avenue pipe replacement, and the west side of the Glenview area retention-detention basin. Those two are part of close to $7.6 million in sewer-related projects the city is considering. Breaking down that amount, $1,375,400 are involved with curbing projects, $1,891,090 in storm sewer projects, $762,500 in roadway culvert replacements, $53,570 in ditching and dredging, and $3,533,500 in retention-detention projects. Warino said residents can actually help speed up some of these projects.

"If neighbors can get together with neighbors for securing property easements, the projects will move along better," he said. "Easements can always tie up a project."

Anyone who missed last week's special meeting over the sewer projects can still find out all the details. Warino said they can call city hall and arrange a meeting to go over the same presentation used last week. He said he welcomes groups as well.



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