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Pack 25 makes Humpty Dumpty nervous

February 9, 2012
Special to the Town Crier

Physics, engineering and egg-stremely good luck were the theme of Canfield Cub Scout Pack 25's pack meeting in January as they participated in their first Egg Drop competition.

Teams of three to four Scouts brainstormed the best way to drop an egg off the balcony of the fellowship hall at the Canfield United Methodist Church and not have it break. Tim Styranec, a previous high school science and math teacher, suggested the project as a way to teach the Scouts to work together and develop an original design to protect an egg.

The tools supplied were 10 sheets of paper, one meter of tape, and scissors. Ziploc-bagged eggs were provided at drop time.

Article Photos

Pack 25 Tiger Cub Scouts Michael Howard, Tim Styranec and Scout Owen Bowser, hope to please their pack leader, Tim Styranec (at right) with their egg cradle parachute. The Scouts participated in their first Egg Drop competition recently, teaching them about physics and teamwork.

"The goal was to distribute the force of impact evenly around the shell and create a protective shell that will slow the fall. The egg drop illustrates physics ideas including force, momentum, engineering, and many others. And, its fun to drop and see if the egg breaks," said Styranec.

With a very large tarp at the ready, kersplat went the first. The second drop brought silence upon the crowd as it glided gently to the tiles.

"It's whole!" Cub Scout Master Troy Homrighausen announced as cheers erupted. Some made it, some didn't, but the boys were all winners researching the topic, coming up with clever designs and working as a team. At the end of the night, Humpty Dumpty would have been proud.

Winning designs went to the following teams:

First place went to the team of Peyton Kostelic, Zack Perrico and Chris Homrighausen (Webelos I), whose 0.3 ounce egg landed intact. Second place went to Dante Lucente, Jacob Eaton, Stephen Malkovits, Alex Micco, a team of Tigers, when their 0.6 ounce egg landed intact. Third place was a tie between the Webelos II team of Jared Russell, Tanner Tsvetkoff, and the Tigers team of Troy Jacobs, Drew Rosteck and Matthew Miller when their 0.8 ounce eggs landed intact.



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