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Display house numbers to help safety services

January 4, 2012
The Town Crier

Dear Editor,

Finding a home's address number is one of the biggest challenges that safety forces face daily. In an emergency, the ability to quickly find a house could be a matter of life or death.

The Boardman Fire Department has noticed that many residents have begun to erect wooden structures in front of their mailboxes in an effort to protect them from the snow plows that clear the streets. The Boardman Fire Department's concern is that many of these obstruct the view of the home's address numbers on the mailbox. If the numbers on a mailbox are not visible, residents are asked to please place them on the protective structure.

The Boardman Fire Department Bureau of Fire Prevention and Education offers the following tips to make finding a home easier:

Use large numbers in a color that contrast from the background. Numbers on a reflective background are quite helpful.

Place the numbers in an easily visible location on your home. Ensure the numbers are well lit during the night.

When placing numbers on your roadside mailbox, please place numbers on both sides of the mailbox. The fire department's response may have crews coming from either direction on the street.

Numbers painted on the curb may be useful in the summer months, but are covered by snow in the winter. Numbers need to be placed on the home or mailbox in addition to the curb.

In the event of an emergency flashing a porch light as the emergency vehicle approaches or waving from the yard is very helpful.

Lt. William Glaser

Boardman Bureau of Fire Prevention and Education



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