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Village council approves funding for paving project

December 13, 2011
By Richard Sberna
Poland Village Council unanimously passed a resolution regarding funding for a proposed road paving project at their Nov. 6 meeting at Village Hall.

The resolution would set aside $65,000 from the general fund in pursuance of a matching grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission. It also authorizes Mayor Tim Sicafuse to submit the grant application to the OPWC and execute any contracts for the project once bids have been reviewed and approved. The sum would go towards a total projected cost of $146,000.

Councilman David Raspanti urged caution towards putting such a sum off limits in case it would be needed elsewhere, citing the need for purchasing a new leaf machine before next autumn.

“It just seems to me that these grants can get away from us a little bit,” he said.

However, village solicitor Anthony D’Apolito replied that the document does not constitute a formal commitment to the project. Rather, it confirms to the OPWC that the village has the funds, which they are setting aside for the space of one year.

“You’re certifying to the government that you’re going to take $65,000 and put it somewhere, encumber it,” D’Apolito said.

Village clerk/treasurer Linda Srnec also offered reassurance, saying that the money would be earmarked as a purchase order that could be revoked at any time during the year if the money should be needed elsewhere.

According to street commissioner and police Chief Russ Beatty, the project would be reserved for “strictly the worst streets,” including Alverne Drive, Johnson Place, Riverside Drive and Second Street, plus a new storm sewer on Botsford.

Beatty told council that the road department’s 17-year-old leaf machine was effectively dead. He stated that it might be brought back to running order again, but the money required to rebuild it would be more wisely put towards a new machine. He quoted a price of $16,000 to $18,000 for a new model and said there is virtually no used market for them. For the present, Beatty’s crew will use rakes and a backhoe to complete their leaf pickup.

Council heard the second reading of an upcoming ordinance that would nullify the stormwater utility ordinance, which was defeated by voters in November. Srnec presented the final certified vote tally from the Mahoning County Board of Elections, which was: 493 for, 681 against. The reading was unanimously accepted, except for Councilman Al Lind, who abstained.

In other news:

* Council passed a motion to change the status of Poland Village Police reserve officers, Jack Modelski and Frank Perrota, to part-time status. Beatty expressed the need to more evenly spread hours amongst police staff, hoping to avoid overworking the officers they have.

* Best wishes and prayers were expressed for council President Joe Mazur, who is recuperating from heart surgery and did not attend the meeting.


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