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New book spreads message of hope to parents

December 8, 2011
By Melissa Mary Smith
It was three years ago that Canfield author Michele Gianetti was compelled to write a book about her daughter, Elizabeth. Gianetti's "I Believe In You" takes a look at Elizabeth from birth to the fourth grade. What makes her daughter's story unusual is her life with dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder.

According to Gianetti, Elizabeth's dyspraxia is a global effect in that it impacts brain motor, growth motor and oral motor skills. According to the Foundation for Sensory Processing Disorder's website, sensory processing disorder is a condition that exists when sensory signals don't get organized into appropriate responses.

Gianetti knew it was a good idea to write to write the book after various people suggested the idea to her.

"I thought what a nice way to make a tribute to my daughter who is an amazing girl who's accomplished so very much," Gianetti said.

"I Believe in You" is not only a loving look at her relationship with Elizabeth, but also reaches out to parents who might be in a similar situation and educates readers about her two disorders.

The book also introduces the reader to the different therapists and friends Gianetti and Elizabeth have met along the way.

Gianetti explained that while writing the book, it was something akin to a therapy, allowing her to get Elizabeth's story out and reassure herself that she did well for her daughter.

For parents and prospective readers in the same position as Gianetti is with Elizabeth, "I Believe in You" conveys a universal message.

"Sometimes it's as simple as knowing someone else is out there, which is always a comfort," Gianetti said.

Gianetti said that Elizabeth is aware of the book and is happy about it.

"She's very excited. She loves it. She loves reading about herself. She loves it all because the words of the book, the 'I Believe in You' part, are the words I've said to her every day of her life since she's been one," Gianetti said.

For those interested in purchasing "I Believe in You," it's available to order through Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC and on Jan. 10, 2012, will be avaible to order through and

Article Photos

Photos by Melissa Mary Smith, Town Crier correspondent
Author Michele Gianetti held a book signing at the Poland Library on Dec. 1 to unveil her recent work, “I Believe in You.”



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