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Council replats property for new housing start

November 24, 2011
By J.T. Whitehouse
Canfield City Council held a short regular meeting on Nov. 16 and approved the replat of Stonebridge Plat 9.

City Manager Joe Warino said Plat 9 was originally six plats, done for property tax purposes. Recently a home was sold in that Plat requiring it to be changed to three plats.

For Zoning Inspector Ted Frazzini, it represents an increase in single family homes sold over the past two years. In 2010, there were only two new housing starts and in 2009, only one. The best year in the past decade was 2004 when the city saw 31 new housing permits pulled.

In spite of the housing starts, 2008 was the best year for valuations. Only four new single family homes were applied for that year, but there were 29 accessory buildings, 15 residential additions, 23 new siding, 21 fences and screenings, five new pools, three commercial additions, and 26 remodels as well as a few other type permits for a total valuation of $11,162,939.

Frazzini explained that new housing starts were far outweighed by the remodeling and additions.

“People aren’t selling,” he said. “They are keeping their homes and fixing them up.”

This year’s three new homes were in Stonebridge, The Preserve, and one on Main Street. With over a month to go in 2011, he doesn’t know if another new start will come along or not.

In looking at the new housing starts over the past decade, the city has seen double digit single family units from 2002 through 2007. The year 2008 forward was a good representation of a major slow down in new single family, a pattern Frazzini hopes to see change in the coming years.

The valuation for 2011 to date is at $1,323,695 which includes the three new single family homes, 24 accessory buildings, eight additions, 16 new siding, 11 fences, five swimming pools, two commercial buildings, one residential addition and 34 remodels. His office also issued 16 sign permits, one demolition permit and 158 garage sale permits.



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