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Take pride in schools when you vote

November 3, 2011
The Town Crier
Dear Neighbor,

A number of weeks ago, we were invited to co-chair the school levy committee for 4.9 mills. We viewed it as a privilege. It was an opportunity to be involved in community service and revisit the purpose of, and responses to, passing the levy.

There are two parallels that come to mind when thinking about our community and our schools. First, we think it behooves us to think about the reason(s) we moved to Canfield. And secondly, with the current economy being what it is, how do we readjust our households to support our needs and the school system as well?

Those of us with families, those of us who are single, those of us on fixed incomes share the pride of living in a safe, viable community. We have a penchant for keeping our homes and properties beautiful. We value giving back to our community through the various groups and opportunities to serve. We love where we live!

We take great pride in our school system. We have passionate discourse on the significant role it plays in our community and more importantly in the lives of our children. We may not always agree, but we do acknowledge the valuable education our children receive. We are active participants in the schools. We volunteer and we enjoy and are proud of the accomplishments that our students bring to the forefront through their academic, fine arts and athletic endeavors.

You have received all the pertinent information regarding the levy. You know the numbers, the need and necessities to keep our school system in good stead. We all are sharing the challenges of the current economy. Everyone's budget has been compromised: businesses, churches, households and schools. We have been challenged to do or make more with less; a compelling reality.

We have seen the proof of how school budgets are mandated to do more with less money from the state. We have witnessed the results of how dependent the school system is on the community for support. We have confidence that our schools will maintain the quality we have come to expect. Just as in our homes, re-adjustments have had to be made. All of us are feeling the impact. It is not the intention of this letter to belabor the issues; we are all living the issues at hand.

Please take a look at the pride you have in your school system. Perhaps you have family members that are graduates, perhaps you have neighbors who are currently enrolled, perhaps you have friends that are on staff, perhaps your little one is just beginning his or her journey. Please think about the responsibility that we have to our children and the legacy that we leave.

Please vote yes on Nov. 8. We need each other. You are important to the schools, the schools are important to our community.

Best regards,

Roseanne Peluso and Traci DeCapua,


Canfield Local Schools Levy Committee


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