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Boardman unveils latest crime-fighting tool

November 3, 2011
By J.T. Whitehouse
The Boardman trustees and police gathered in front of the Government Building Tuesday to get the first look at the Boardman Police Department’s latest crime fighting tool -- an armored truck.

The vehicle is covered in thick armor and made to go into tough situations like drug busts.

“This truck will protect our people,” said Boardman Trustee Tom Costello. "It will also send a message when we go into a neighborhood on a drug raid.”

Costello said he went on a recent raid with officers who were using a cargo van. He said when going on a drug raid, one never knows what to expect. In some cases the drug pushers are heavily armed and there was concern about a gun fight and the thin body of a panel van.

As for the cost, taxpayers in Boardman can relax. The vehicle was put together through donations, confiscated drug money and the efforts of the police mechanics and Boardman High School’s metal shop.

The truck was donated six months ago from Brinks. It was turned over to police mechanics William Costello, Keith Mead and Michael Carkido.

“We all put a piece of our minds into it,” said William. “You can’t buy what we have done.”

For parts, several Boardman businesses, including King’s Collision, Auto Zone, and Home Depot, donated to the cause. What had to be purchased was done so using the confiscated drug money.

Over the past six months, the mechanics, with occasional assistance from off-duty Boardman officers, put the vehicle together piece by piece. The engine was rebuilt, the suspension and then the plating went on. It was completed in time to unveil it on Tuesday before a crowd of officers and township employees. Afterwards it took its place as part of the Boardman Police fleet.

“We will be using it in drug raids,” said police Chief Jack Nichols. “It will help us make the statement that drug pushing will not be tolerated in Boardman Township.”

Article Photos

Photo by J.T. Whitehouse, Town Crier
Boardman Township Trustee Tom Costello looks over the latest vehicle to become part of the police department’s fleet. It is an armored truck that will be used on drug raids. The truck comes at no cost to the taxpayers of the township.



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