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Author goes electronic with latest work

October 20, 2011
By J.T. Whitehouse
Louis DeToro of Austintown and a 1966 graduate of Boardman High School has gone paperless in more ways than one. His most recent work “Eek!!!onomics” was released this week as an electronic book. For DeToro, it is a better way to get published in the 21st century.

DeToro is not new to authoring books. When he worked for the U.S. International Trade Commision more than 30 years ago, he wrote two informational books, one on food fats and oils and a second one on nuclear fuel.

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission asked for 150 copies,” DeToro said. “I was really proud of that.”

In 1989, DeToro found himself unemployed and turned to freelance writing. He began submitting articles to various magazines. In 2007, he said he felt the urge to write a humorous book on his favorite sport of golf.

“My uncle (Henry DeToro) was my inspiration,” DeToro said. “He used to tell me that it was more fun to learn how not to play golf than it was to learn to play golf.”

Going off that concept, DeToro set off to write, “How Not To Play Golf.” He finished the manuscript and hooked up with a publishing company. The book was produced and DeToro ended up selling a couple hundred copies.

“I had a bad experience with the publisher,” DeToro said. “They really didn’t help with marketing the book.”

In fact, DeToro said he did better by himself by holding book signings at Borders and at the Poland Library.

For his latest book, he chose a subject that is often a center of discussion these days -- economics. After his bad experience with publishing a paperback, he opted to go the new route and create an electronic book. He found a company that handled only electronic books and they accepted his newest creation titled, “Eek!!!onomics.”

While presenting an interesting look at economics, DeToro has taken a humorous approach. He has transformed Paul Samuelson’s “homo economicus” (economic man) from the book "Economics," into his own invented version of “homo blitherus” (eekonomic man).

“Part of it is real, part of it is really funny,” DeToro said. “Forty-million students in the United States take economics and this e-book would be a good read for them.”

DeToro said he targeted those with a good sense of humor as well as those who have an economic background.

What was even better is the fact that using the electronic medium, he will have a lot less hassle in getting his book out. His golf book was required to be sold for no less than $12.50 per copy. Using the electronic format, his “Eek!!!onomics” book sells for $1.99 for which he gets a royalty of 35 percent per sale.

“If you have marginal revenue without a cost, that’s marginal profit,” DeToro said.

With the release of “Eek!!!onomics" this month, DeToro is sitting back and awaiting his next venture. He said he is thinking of doing the paperwork to turn his golf book into an e-book as well. For now, he is just going to sit back and enjoy the sales of his latest work. He said he was glad to have completed it and offered a humorous comment on the subject matter.

“After all,” he said, “200 years of economics can be wrong.”

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Austintown author Louis N. DeToro has cast the paper aside and is trying the latest route to getting published -- e-books.



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