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Local sport club provides mountains of family fun

October 7, 2011
By Kathleen Palumbo
Looking for a cost effective, fun-filled opportunity to spend time with your child without them ever noticing that they’ve hung out with mom or dad? What parent isn’t?

“It’s all about the family,” said Annette Novosel of Austintown, who, as head of Snowrunners, a ski and snowboarding club that encourages fun, family time spent together, and the ABC’s of skiing and snowboarding, knows all too well how hard it can often be to get the family together.

Now in its second year, Snowrunners begin in January and ski every Saturday as long as there’s snow, according to Novosel, who added that the club meets at Brandywine regularly and this year hopes to include extra runs to Peak and Peak and Cockaigne.

“We’re very much a club that promotes lessons,” she said, adding that the club gathers for a required sign in at 9 a.m., and concludes at 2 p.m., incorporating into the day a two-hour lesson for less-experienced skiers as they work towards a more advanced level. Parents are responsible for transporting their own child.

Taking full advantage of the family-centered club, Novosel shared that her two sisters, one of whom taught her to ski at age nine, her one sister’s children, and her own son and daughter are members of Snowrunners, which at this time includes approximately 90 percent snowboarders.

With a 10 year age minimum unless accompanied by a parent, Novosel shared that in order to be in the club she prefer that a family member be present and participate in some manner, but does not require that they take to the slopes themselves. During their initial year, on any given Saturday, Novosel shared that there were eight to 10 adults who participated.

Snowrunners also encourages familiarity with ski etiquette.

“There really is etiquette for the boot barn, etiquette for the lodge,” said Novosel, adding, "We want to make them responsible citizens on the slopes.”

While she limited membership last year to 33 members, Novosel said she is looking to expand to approximately 50 this year.

Interested parties can contact Novosel at for further information on attending the upcoming kick-off meeting, where a representative from Brandywine will be present for questions and answers.

Sharing that as head of the club she works from August through April on e-mails, spreadsheets, etc., and that the kids who are members design the club T-shirts.

Despite the work involved on her end, as well as that of parents getting in on the act, “What’s nice is that you get to participate in a sport and learn a sport that lasts a lifetime,” said Novosel, adding that simply making the decision to take an interest in it, as the parent you get to share in that. “It’s a blessing in disguise,” she said.

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Photos special to the Town Crier
At Boston Mills Big Air competition, Snowrunners members, in back row: Matt Novosel, Jake Johnson, Nick Mitchell, Joan Mitchell, Annette Novosel, Nancy Knight, and Drew Mitchell, and front: Cory Mitchell, and Jarrett Knight gathered for yet another day of powdery fun.



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