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Bus routes a big concern for residents

September 29, 2011
By J.T. Whitehouse
A half dozen parents spoke at the Wednesday, Sept. 21, Canfield Board of Education meeting concerning bus stops. They were concerned over the new pickup and drop off locations for Sperone Court, St. Ursula Drive, Skyline Drive and Killdeer Drive.

“We have 15 kids that catch the bus to St. Charles on a curve,” said Kelly Lyons from St. Ursula Drive. “It’s a dangerous stop in our development.”

Lyons asked if the stop could be moved away from the curve.

Superintendent Dante Zambrini replied that business manager Rich Archer had ridden the buses to observe the new bus stop schedules. He said some of the stops are still being looked at.

“The computer puts the stops in place,” he told Lyons. “It is up to us to go out and tweak them. We will take a look at it.”

Another busing issue involved a stop on Tippecanoe for children on Sperone Court. It was mentioned that over the past few weeks, at least four vehicles have run the stopped bus. It was also mentioned that one vehicle got in the turn lane at the intersection of Shields and Tippecanoe and when the light turned green, it raced ahead to the straight lane to beat the bus.

“I will call the sheriff on Thursday morning,” Zambrini said. “Passing a stopped school bus loading children is unacceptable.”

He told those in attendance to support the 4.9 mill school levy in November. He said the new funds could bring back the five laid-off bus drivers and restore some of the stops.

“When we pass the levy, we will have new funds,” Zambrini said. “The priority is education, then busing. It will allow us to bring back the five bus drivers.

On another issue, Steve Easton addressed the board over flooding. Easton resides on Glenview Road and said a lot of the flooding actually begins at the high school.

“I’m concerned about the flooding on Saw Mill Run Creek in back of the high school,” Easton said.

He told board members he has appeared before Canfield City Council and said he was told the city would be meeting with the school board about a possible detention pond on the school property. He asked when that meeting would be taking place.

“This is the first I’ve heard of this,” said board President Brian Kesner.

Kesner said he would check into it and Easton said he would do what he could to bring the two entities together.



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