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Bringing stressed moms some HOPE

September 29, 2011
By Melissa Mary Smith
The monthly HOPE for Moms meeting, next scheduled for Oct. 7 at the Tabernacle Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Austintown, is extended to mothers and children of all ages and is a means of interaction and education on a variety of topics.

“This upcoming month is nutrition, so we have a nutritionist coming in. She’ll speak and we’ll have discussion time,” HOPE for Moms Director Ronnie Morgan said.

The discussion time gives mothers the chance to communicate with and offer advice to one another on the points raised by the speaker.

“Whatever the topic is, that’s kind of what we focus on, but it’s about building relationships,” Morgan said.

Morgan said that the different tables of moms are grouped according to the age of their oldest child so that they can not only converse with each other, but also offer support and similar experiences relating to the monthly topic.

“Each table has what’s called a mentor mom and this is a mom that’s probably a grandma, a more experienced mom that has walked through it,” Morgan said.

The mentor mom is there to provide emotional support for those at the meeting who no longer have mothers.

During the meeting, HOPE for Moms has a group of volunteers to watch over their children in a similar program know as HOPE for Kids.

HOPE for Kids is much like HOPE for Moms in that the children receive Bible-related lessons on the same monthly topics as their mothers and then have time for arts and other activities.

HOPE which stands for Honor, Overcome, Pray and Encourage first began as MOPs, or Mothers of Pre-Schoolers group that started seven years ago.

Morgan said that it was decided last year to modify the MOPS group, making it more inclusive to mothers with children of all ages; from that, HOPE for Moms was born.

“Our purpose is to show the love of Jesus Christ to moms by providing a place that they feel welcome, where they are able to relax and be cared for with breakfast and coffee, where they listen to a speaker, discuss and nurture relationships with each other and also have the opportunity to be creative in activities,” HOPE for Moms PR person Pam Berni said.

Berni also said that despite the sizable turnout of 42 women and 50 children in September, they are nowhere near capacity, so all women are welcome.

In the upcoming months, Morgan explained that there will be more in store for mothers, including a doctor who will give a speech about first aid for children, a speaker who will discuss relationships with mothers-in-law and another speaker who will talk about finding time for oneself.

For more information on HOPE for Moms, contact Berni at 330-727-6790.



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