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Canfield swimmers overtake Boardman

July 28, 2011
The Town Crier
The Canfield Swim Club’s swim team beat Boardman swim team, 285-212 on July 20, at Boardman Swim and Tennis Club. The Canfield swim team is coached by Kylie Gamilier and assistants, Emily King and Jim Kopp. Triple first place winners were: Marissa Landers, Luke Pallante, Maggie Beistel, Sam Cannon, Cullen Brady, Sarah Heaven, Connor Brady, Matthew Bogen, Kyle Anderson.

Meet results includes the following:

• Medley Relay

8 and under girls: First-team of Maya Marucci, Maddie Hammond, Marissa Landers, Lily Grdic

9-10 boys: First-team of Danny Beistel, Evan Skripac, Luke Pallante, Max Dawson

11-12 girls: First-team of Maggie Beistel, Sydney Stewart, Rachel Williams, Maura Kennedy

11-12 boys: First-team of Nicholas Palermo, Sam Cannon, Cullen Brady, Lake Bennett

13-14 girls: First-team of Sarah Heaven, Jamie Wellham, Rachel Nagy, Mara Kohut

13-14 boys: First-team of Kyle Anderson, Matthew Bogen, Connor Brady, Adam Dunbar

15-18 girls: First-team of Leslie Davis, Hilary Allen, Briana O’Malley, Karina Kennedy

• Freestyle

8 and under girls: First-Marissa Landers, second-Jordan Helmick, third-Lily Grdic, fourth-Morgan Schneider, fifth-Maya Marucci, sixth-Madison Puskar

8 and under boys: Second-Luke Dietz, fifth-Danny Lyons, sixth-Alex Schneider

9-10 girls: Second-Gina Landers, third-Christina Tucker, fourth-Elle Dawson

9-10 boys: First-Luke Pallante, second-Santino Marucci, third-Max Dawson, fourth-Bobby Kutsch, sixth-Michael Chaplow

11-12 girls: First-Morgan Cleevley, second-Maura Kennedy, fourth-Bridget Sweeney, sixth-Lara Quirk

11-12 boys: Second-Nicholas Palermo, third-Lake Bennett, sixth-James Dietz

13-14 girls: Second-Karina Kennedy, sixth-Megan Gocala

13-14 boys: Second-Adam Dunbar, third-Jared Rothbauer, fifth-Ben Brucoli, sixth-Jacob Duda

15-18 girls: Second-Olivia Williamson, third-Hilary Allen, fourth-Leslie Davis, fifth-Erin Loomis, sixth-Gianna Parella

15-18 boys: Second-Daniel Bogen, fourth-Max Gocala

• 50 Back

8 and under girls: First-Morgan Schneider, second-Erin Chaplow, fourth-Madison Cleevley, fifth-Jordan Helmick, sixth-Madison Puskar

8 and under boys: Second-Sirin Nalluri, fourth-Jacob Prout, fifth-Alex Schneider, sixth-Danny Lyons

9-10 girls: First-Elle Dawson, fourth-Rachel Beil, fifth-Maggie Lumsden

9-10 boys: Second-Jason Paris, third-Liam Martin-Weiss, fourth-Walter Sweeney

11-12 girls: First-Maggie Beistel, third-Morgan Cleevely, fourth-Lara Quirk, fifth-Renee Angelilli

13-14 girls: First-Sarah Heaven

13-14 boys: First-Kyle Anderson

15-18 girls: First-Leslie Davis, third-Erin Loomis

15-18 boys: Second-Daniel Bogen, third-Drew Wellham, fifth-Max Gocala

• Breaststroke

8 and under girls: First-Maddie Hammond, second-Lauren Fitzgerald, fourth-Marissa Ieraci

8 and under boys: First-Ty Schaab

9-10 girls: Second-Lexi Saunders, third-Sarah Miller, fourth-Grace Mangapora, fifth-Emma Paris, sixth-Sydney Kinkade

9-10 boys: First-Santino Marucci, third-Evan Skripac, fourth-Michael Chaplow

11-12 girls: Second-Lauren Kerensky, fourth-Bridget Sweeney, fifth-Lorraine Fitzgerald

11-12 boys: First-Sam Cannon

13-14 girls: Second-Jamie Wellham, third-Mara Kohut, sixth-Megan Gocala

13-14 boys: First-Matthew Bogen, second-Jared Rothbauer, fourth-Ben Brucoli, sixth-Jacob Duda

15-18 girls: Second place tie-Olivia Williamson and Hilary Allen, fifth-Gianna Parella

15-18 boys: First-Ryan O’Malley, second-Drew Bennett

• Butterfly

8 and under girls: First-Marissa Landers, second-Lauren Fitzgerald

9-10 girls: Second-Mackenzie Hammond, fourth-Chloe Kalina, fifth-Lexi Gonda

9-10 boys: Second-Danny Beistel

11-12 girls: First-Rachel Williams, second-Sydney Stewart, third-Maura Kennedy

11-12 boys: First-Cullen Brady, four-James Dietz

13-14 girls: Second-Rachel Nagy, third-Karina Kennedy

13-14 boys: First-Connor Brady, third-Jack Pallante

15-18 boys: Second-Drew Wellham, third-Drew Bennett

• Free Relay

8 and under girls: First-team of Erin Chaplow, Lily Grdic, Jordan Helmick, Maya Marucci

9-10 boys: First-team of Luke Pallante, Max Dawson, Danny Beistel, Jason Paris

11-12 girls: First-team of Maggie Beistel, Ashlyn Cleevley, Morgan Cleevely, Sydney Stewart

11-12 boys: First-team of Lake Bennett, James Dietz, Cullen Brady, Sam Cannon

13-14 girls: First-team of Rachel Nagy, Jamie Wellham, Mara Kohut, Sarah Heaven

13-14 boys: First-team of Connor Brad, Kyle Anderson, Adam Dunbar, Matthew Bogen

Article Photos

Triple first place winners for the Canfield Swim Club team so far this season are, in front row, Maya Marucci, Maggie Beistel, Mickey Velasquez, Marissa Landers, Max Dawson, and Jason Paris. In the middle row are Luke Pallante, Gina Landers, Nicholas Palermo, Olivia Williamson, and Rachel Williams. In back row are Matthew Bogen, Adam Dunbar, Connor Brady, Sarah Heaven, Daniel Bogen, Kyle Anderson, and Briana O'Malley. Missing were Lexi Saunders, Jillian Baker, Gavin Trebilcock, Nicky Montalto, Sam Cannon, and Cullen Brady.



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