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Boardman swim teams have busy week

July 14, 2011
Special to the Town Crier
• BTSC versus FAST

Boardman Tennis and Swim Club swim team was away at Firestone Area Swim Team on July 6 and took a 307-193 loss. Triple winners were: Ashley Aldan, Brooke Bailey, Ryan Bailey, River Flatley, Mikel Flatley, Sarah Gonda, Mike DiDomenico, Alex Downie, Corie Kuras, Alec Santamas. Double winners include: Marco DiVincenzo, Julia Lewis, Jordyn Markovitch, Becca Choleva, Tom Slagle, Carter Cailor, Max Rassega, Carter Mascola, and Mark Filicky.

• Applewood versus Logan

Applewood swim team won its second meet of the season defeating Logan Swim Club, 455-33 last week.

Triple winners from Applewood were Gia Francisco, Mia Bruno, Cristina LaRocca, Noah Basista, Allison Janak, Mark Ricciardi, Alex Price, Tyler Calpin, Steven Brooks, and Adam Price. These swimmers were double winners for the meet: Ava Velasquez, Will Linker, Logan Mitchell, Maggie Monahan, Kaelyn Weitzman, Mario Ricciardi, Megan Werth, Samantha Ricciuti, Steven Moss, Jacqueline Palusak, Austin Price, Jarett Gordulic, Colleen Manning, Sabrina Kurelko, Michael Dohar, Maria LaRocca, Aiden Glatz, Marissa Kubala, Zachary Hillard, Mike Reardon, Kelsey Calpin, Amanda Moss, Allie Klumpp and Ali Azeem.

Results from the meet include:

• Medley Relays:

8 and Under Girls: First place-team of Ava Velasquez, Jacqueline Palusak, Gia Francisco and Amelia Francisco.

8 and Under Boys: First place-team of Aiden Glatz, Austin Price, Alec Bosnjak and Jarett Gordulic.

9-10 Girls: First place-team of Cristina LaRocca, Gina Ricciardi, Mia Bruno and Isabella Jones.

9-10 Boys: First place-team of Will Linker, Luke Hetzel, Ivan Bosnjak and Zachary Hillard.

11-12 Girls: First place-team of Alexis Stutz, Juliette Palusak, Sabrina Kurelko and Isabella Francisco.

11-12 Boys: First place-team of Alex Price, Maxwell Obeng, Mark Ricciardi and Patrick Monahan.

13-14 Girls: First place-team of Katie Blaine, Cameron Cervello, Marissa Marzano and Amanda Joerndt.

13-14 Boys: First place-team of Anthony Bruno, Matthew Hetzel, Adam Price and Frank Luongo.

15 and Over Girls: First place-team of Samantha Ricciuti, Megan Werth, Maria LaRocca and Marissa Kubala.

15 and Over Boys: First place-team of Steven Brooks, Michael Dohar, Ali Azeem and Mike Reardon.

• Freestyle:

8 and Under Girls: First-Ava Velasquez, second-Amelia Francisco, sixth-Natalie Kovacs

8 and Under Boys: Second-Austin Price, third-Jarett Gordulic, fifth-Jacob Beith, sixth-Brendan Beam

9-10 Girls: First-Mia Bruno, second-Mia Stana, third-Gina Ricciardi, fourth-Christyna Reagan, fifth-Isabella Jones, sixth-Raegan Lytle

9-10 Boys: First-Noah Basista, second-Ivan Bosnjak, third-Ben Henderson, fourth-Will Linker, fifth-Zachary Hillard

11-12 Girls: First-Allison Janak, second-Logan Mitchell, third-Alexis Stutz, fourth-Isabella Francisco, sixth-Carly Amendola

11-12 Boys: First-Mark Ricciardi, second-Maxwell Obeng, third-Michael Phillips, fifth-Aidan Cervello, sixth-Patrick Monahan

13-14 Girls: First-Maggie Monahan, second-Amanda Moss, third-Katie Blaine, fourth-Kaelyn Weitzman, fifth-Marissa Marzano, sixth-Cameron Cervello

13-14 Boys: First-Mario Ricciardi, second-Tommy Mihalopoulos, third-Frank Luongo, fourth-Anthony Bruno

15 and Over Girls: First-Megan Werth, second-Allie Klumpp

15 and Over Boys: First-Steven Moss, second-Mike Henson, fourth-Steven Brooks, fifth-Mike Henson, sixth-Ali Azeem

• Backstroke:

8 and Under Girls: First-Gia Francisco, second-Ava Velazquez, third-Alannah Hetzel, fifth-Ava Bosnjak

8 and Under Boys: Second-Aiden Glatz, third-Jack Phillips, fifth-Alec Bosnjak, sixth-Brendan Beam

9-10 Girls: First-Cristina LaRocca, second-Christyna Reagan, third-Isabella Jones, fourth-Madalyn Trell, fifth-Maeghan Williams

9-10 Boys: First-Will Linker, second-Joey Marzano, third-Ben Henderson, fourth-Egan Hare, fifth-Ethan Elder, sixth-Luke Hetzel

11-12 Girls: First-Logan Mitchell, second-Kelsey Calpin, fourth-Carly Amendola, fifth-Lauren Grimm, sixth-Ella Hare

11-12 Boys: First-Alex Price, second-Michael Phillips, third-Partick Monahan, fourth-Aidan Cervello

13-14 Girls: First-Kaelyn Weitzman, second-Amanda Joerndt, third-Katie Blaine

13-14 Boys: First-Tyler Calpin, second-Tommy Mihalopoulos, third-Matthew Hetzel, fourth-Frank Luongo

15 and Over Girls: First-Samantha Ricciuti, second-Maria LaRocca, third-Marissa Kubala

15 and Over Boys: First-Steven Brooks, second-Mike Henson

• Breaststroke:

8 and Under Girls: First-Jacqueline Palusak, second-Amelia Francisco, fourth-Gianna Gordulic, sixth-Julia Basista

8 and Under Boys: First-Austin Price, third-Jack Phillips

9-10 Girls: First-Mia Bruno, second-Gina Ricciardi, third-Maeghan Williams, fourth-Marissa Kurelko, fifth-Madison Ricciuit

9-10 Boys: First-Noah Basista, second-Andy Garr, third-Luke Hetzel, fourth-Justin Olsen

11-12 Girls: First-Allison Janak, second-Juliette Palusak, third-Alexis Stutz, fourth-Isabella Francisco, sixth-Kennedy Williams

11-12 Boys: First-Alex Price, second-Maxwell Obeng

13-14 Girls: First-Kelsie Stutz, second-Cameron Cervello , third-Antonia Ladd

13-14 Boys: First-Adam Price, second-Matthew Hetzel, third-Anthony Bruno

15 and Over Girls: First-Colleen Manning, fourth-Samantha Ricciuti

15 and Over Boys: First-Michael Dohar, second-Steven Moss, third-Ali Azeem, fifth-Jason Shilling

• Butterfly:

8 and Under Girls: First-Gia Francisco, fourth-Natalie Kovacs, fifth-Alyssa Olsen, sixth-Mary Catherine Werth

8 and Under Boys: First-Aiden Glatz, second-Jacob Beith

9-10 Girls: First-Cristina LaRocca, second-Mia Stana, third-Madison Ricciuti, fourth-Marissa Kurelko

9-10 Boys: First-Zachary Hillard, second-Ivan Bosnjak, third-Andy Garr, fifth-Justin Olsen

11-12 Girls: First-Kelsey Calpin, second-Sabrina Kurelko

11-12 Boys: First-Mark Ricciardi

13-14 Girls: First-Amanda Moss, second-Kelsie Stutz, third-Maggie Monahan, fourth-Marissa Marzano, fifth-Amanda Joerndt

13-14 Boys: First-Tyler Calpin, second-Mario Ricciardi

15 and Over Girls: First-Allie Klumpp, second-Colleen Manning , third-Megan Werth

15 and Over Boys: First-Ali Azeem, third-Michael Dohar

• Freestyle Relays:

8 and Under Girls: First-team of Mary Catherine Werth, Alannah Hetzel, Madison Kelso and Natalie Kovacs.

8 and Under Boys: First-team of Jacob Beith, Jack Phillips, Brendan Beam and Jarett Gordulic.

9-10 Girls: First-team of Madison Ricciuti, Maeghan Williams, Mia Stana and Christyna Reagan.

9-10 Boys: First-team of Ben Henderson, Joey Marzano, Andy Garr and Noah Basista.

11-12 Girls: First-team of Logan Mitchell, Sabrina Kurelko, Kelsey Calpin and Allison Janak.

13-14 Girls: First-team of Maggie Monahan, Kaelyn Weitzman, Amanda Moss and Kelsie Stutz.

13-14 Boys: First-team of Mario Ricciardi, Tyler Calpin, Adam Price and Tommy Mihalopoulos.

15 and Over Girls: First-team of Colleen Manning, Marissa Kubala, Allie Klumpp and Maria LaRocca.

15 and Over Boys: First-team of Mike Reardon, Steven Brooks, Mike Henson and Steven Moss.

Article Photos

Photo special to the Town Crier
Pictured are Steven Moss, Applewood head coach Carlo Cordon and Steven Brooks. Moss and Brooks have graduated from Boardman High School and are going to continue to swim in college. Moss will attend Ashland University and Brooks is going to Westminster College. They have been on the Applewood swim team for 12 years under the direction of coach Cordon, and he was also their assistant coach for the Boardman High School swim team.



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