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Applewood swimmers getting close to first win

June 30, 2011
Special to the Town Crier
The Applewood swim team opened their summer swim season on June 17, narrowly being defeated by Warren Olympic Club, 245-227. Triple winners for the meet were Jac Cordon, Mia Bruno, and Logan Mitchell. They also swam against Canfield Swim Club on June 22, with another loss, this time 272-220. There were two triple winners for this meet, Allie Klumpp and Ali Azeem. Applewood will face YSL rival Boardman Tennis and Swim Club this week at Boardman.

Results of the meet (Applewood placers) with Canfield are as follows:

• Medley Relays:

9-10 Girls: 1st-Team of C. LaRocca, G. Ricciardi, M. Bruno and C. Reagan.

11-12 Boys: 1st-Team of P. Monahan, Al. Price, M. Ricciardi and M. Obeng.

15 and over Girls: 1st-Team of G. DeAscentis, A. Klumpp, M. Werth and M. Kubala.

15 and over Boys: 1st-Team of S. Brooks, S. Moss, A. Azeem and M. Reardon.

• Freestyle:

8 and Under Girls: 2nd-A. Velasquez

8 and Under Boys: 1st-Au. Price, 2nd-J. Cordon, 5th-J. Gordulic

9-10 Girls: 1st-M. Bruno, 3rd-G. Ricciardi, 4th-M.Stana, 6th-I. Jones

9-10 Boys: 5th-B. Henderson

11-12 Girls: 2nd-A. Janak, 6th-K. Calpin

11-12 Boys: 3rd-M. Ricciardi, 4th-M. Obeng, 5th-P. Monahan

13-14 Girls: 4th-A. Moss, 5th-M. Monahan, 6th-K. Blaine

13-14 Boys: 2nd-M. Ricciardi, 4th-T. Mihalopoulos

15 and Over Girls: 2th-G. DeAscentis, 5th-M. Kubala

15 and Over Boys: 2nd-S. Moss, 4th-M. Reardon, 6th-J. Shilling

• Backstroke:

8 and Under Girls: 2nd-A. Velasquez, 5th-G. Francisco

8 and Under Boys: 2nd-A. Bosnjak, 3rd-J. Phillips, 4th-CJ Cordon, 5th-S. Cervello

9-10 Girls: 1st-C. LaRocca, 5th-C. Reagan, 6th-I. Jones

9-10 Boys: , 2nd-W. Linker, 4th-B. Henderson

11-12 Girls: 2nd-L. Mitchell, 3rd-K. Calpin

11-12 Boys: 3rd-M. Phillips, 4th-P. Monahan.

13-14 Girls: 2nd-K. Weitzman, 3rd-K. Blaine, 4th-M. Monahan, 5th-A. Joerndt

13-14 Boys: 2nd-T. Calpin, 3rd-T. Mihalopoulos, 4th-M. Hetzel, 6th-A. Bruno

15 and Over Girls: 1st-G. DeAscentis, 3rd-S. Ricciuti, 4th-M. LaRocca

15 and Over Boys: 1st-S. Brooks, 3rd-M. Reardon, 4th-C. Hetzel

• Breaststroke:

8 and Under Girls: 4th-G. Gordulic, 5th-K. Szolek, 6th-A. Olsen

8 and Under Boys: 3rd-CJ Cordon, 4th-A. Price

9-10 Girls: 2nd-M. Bruno, 3rd-G. Ricciardi, 6th-C. Zaitzew

9-10 Boys: 2nd-A. Garr, 3rd-N. Basista, 4th-L. Hetzel, 5th-J. Olsen

11-12 Girls: 1st-A. Janak, 2nd-A. Stutz, 6th-I. Francisco

11-12 Boys: 3rd-A. Price, 4th-M. Obeng, 5th-M. Phillips, 6th-A. Cervello

13-14 Girls: 2nd-K. Stutz, 6th-C. Cervello

13-14 Breast: 2nd-K. Anderson, 3rd-A. Price, 5th-M. Hetzel

15 and Over Girls: 2nd-M. Werth, 3rd-H. Ladd

15 and Over Boys: 2nd-S. Moss, 3rd-M. Dohar, 5th-C. Hetzel, 6th-J. Shilling

• Butterfly:

8 and Under Girls: 3rd-A. Francisco, 4th-A. Hetzel, 5th-A. Olsen, 6th-G. Kozar

8 and Under Boys: 2nd-A. Bosnjak, 3rd-J. Cordon, 4th-A. Glatz

9-10 Girls: 3rd-C. LaRocca, 5th-M. Stana, 6. B. Simione

9-10 Boys: 3rd-I. Bosnjak, 5th-L. Hetzel, 6th-J. Olsen

11-12 Girls: 2nd-S. Kurelko

11-12 Boys: 1st-M. Ricciardi, 2nd-A. Price

13-14 Girls: 3rd-A. Moss, 4th-K. Weitzman

13-14 Boys: 2nd-D. Zaitzew, 5th-A. Price

15 and Over Girls: 1st-A. Klumpp, 3rd-M. Werth, 4th-M. Kubala, 6th-M. LaRocca

15 and Over Boys: 1st-A. Azeem, 2nd-S. Brooks, 5th-K. McEvey, 6th-M. Dohar

• Freestyle Relays:

8 and Under Boys: 1st-Team of A. Glatz, J. Gordulic, A. Price and J. Phillips.

9-10 Girls: 1st-Team of C. Reagan, M. Ricciuti, M. Stana and I. Jones.

9-10 Boys: 1st-Team of B. Henderson, A. Garr, I. Bosnjak and W. Linker.

11-12 Girls: 1st-Team of I. Francisco, C. Amendola, A. Stutz and S. Kurelko.

13-14 Girls: 1st-Team of A. Joerndt, J. Pavlansky, C. Cervello and K. Blaine.

13-14 Boys: 1st-Team of T. Mihalopoulos, D. Zaitzew, T. Calpin and M. Ricciardi.

15 and over Girls: 1st-Team of K. Stutz, M. LaRocca, S. Ricciuti and A. Klumpp.

15 and over Boys: 1st-Team of A. Azeem, C. Hetzel, K. McEvey and M. Dohar.



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