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Umpire's behavior upsets softball fan

June 16, 2011
The Town Crier
Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the Canfield girls softball league on the fine program they have put together. Unfortunately, they seem to be remiss in who they choose to act as coach, umpire and so-called commissioner of the 9- and 10-year-old teams.

I attended a game Friday evening (June 3), to watch my niece play against a Columbiana team. At one point during one of the final two innings, there was a questionable play between second and third base. The acting coach (the team coaches were unable to attend), Amanda Marzich, questioned the umpire on the field. His response to her, screaming, telling her to learn the rules, as he was six inches away from her face, was totally condescending and downright appalling. Under no circumstances should a man, supposedly in charge, ever approach a woman, or any human being, in that manner, especially in front of a team of impressionable young girls. As a coach, commissioner and father, it is his responsibility to set an example. His actions were the worst example of a man I have ever witnessed, and feel sorry for the young girls in the Canfield league if he is the best you've got in leadership.

I do, however applaud Mrs. Marzich for maintaining her composure in the situation, and setting an example to the girls -- to walk away from jerks.

Lisa McGiffin



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