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SB5 smacks of Socialism

April 27, 2011
The Town Crier
Dear Editor,

As a Socialist, you would believe in the greater good of an economically equaled society -- a society where all are given what they need to survive and are asked to provide as much as they are capable. If you lack on one side of the need-capable equation you will make it up on the other. I would do very well in this society because I am a needy person. I have five children and would require much more of you than you would of me. They all need an education, and shoes, and clothes, and milk, and food, and water and heat. You already have an education so your money can go to my kids. Thank you!

The question really is, How do you determine need and capability? Who determines how much milk each child gets, or who gets what education, or how much money I need to keep in order to purchase all of those shoes? What I “need” starts with wages and ends with goods and services. Let us start, then, at the start. The Yale University (you know them, the American-destroying-liberal-breeding-ground-for-socialist-brainwashing that graduated such societal leeches as Presidents Taft, Ford, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II) published paper #761 from its Economic Growth Center “Papers” series in 1996 entitled: “Wage and Price Control Policies in Socialist Transitional Economies”. In that paper, evidence is shown that economies’ trending towards socialism by deliberate or evolutionary means begin to implement the need-capability model early on with significant efforts towards wage control. No one needs to make more than X. Based on an outsider’s arbitrary conclusion on what you need to make, we will assign your wage. We, the implementers, will often make more than you, but we probably need to and most certainly don’t find it is appropriate for you to tell us otherwise.

Back to the future: Senate Bill 5. We, the State Authority (the “implementer”), find that you (the “unionized teacher”) are making more than you need to make. Therefore, we will post your salary in public places to drive discontent, decry your socialist anti-capitalist union as raping the taxpayer, make references to the status quo, and pass a bill that will limit your compensation (“control your wages”) to an amount we feel is appropriate, and rescind your legal right to bargain for a contract, and finally tear up the existing contract you have today and consider no longer legal. Your benefit will be determined by us. That, my dear readers, is socialism through and through. Good 'ole Marxism served with a nice silver spoon full of faux conservatism. Enjoy!

Paul Hugenberg

Poland resident


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