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Sick of taxes, but schools need funded

April 21, 2011
The Town Crier
Dear Editor,

I am sick of paying taxes. I have just paid my federal, state, local income and my property taxes. We are taxed on everything we use or buy. I was so upset with the increase in the cost of a personalized license plate that I canceled the one I had for years. I have voted for individuals who I have thought would have an impact on government spending. I am extremely frustrated with the leaders of our country and state and will protest every chance I get. However, I can’t bring myself to vote against a fire, police or school levy. I live in the Canfield community that is apparently a very desirable place to live as evidenced by its population growth. Canfield is a safe community with good government and great schools. The Canfield school system has been consistently one of the best in the state of Ohio. Our community can be very proud that they have demanded and supported an excellent school system.

I am ready to protest taxation in general but I will vote for the school levy because it is the right thing to do. It is one of only a few taxes that we impose upon ourselves so it is difficult to vote yes. The Canfield school system is very efficiently run and produces a very good product. The state of Ohio contributes less and less to what they deem “wealthy” districts so the local taxpayers have to pick up the difference. If we do not vote for the levy, the school system will be forced to cut back services and the education of our children will suffer. The levy will not go away. The state will not come in and pay the bill. Most of us moved here because of the schools, safety and constant property values. I remember when Youngstown got an infamous award on national TV when they voted down five consecutive levies in 1967-69 and closed the schools for over a month. In addition, sports and band programs were discontinued. On May 6, 1969 Youngstown voted in favor of a levy that was much more than the original but the damage was done. Youngstown citizens moved to adjoining communities like Canfield. The Youngstown school system never recovered.

When you vote in May you will be alone in the booth. It will be easy to vote no. You can rationalize many reasons to vote no. I know one person who is voting no to “show them” whoever them is. Please do not use the right to vote on the levy to protest taxes. Ask yourself two questions before voting. What will be the impact of a no vote on our schools, community and property values? What is the right thing to do? Think before you vote.

Philip W. Bova

retired chemistry teacher and assistant principal, Canfield High School



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