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Who will pay for American Dream?

March 8, 2011
The Town Crier
Dear Editor,

The State of the Union speech given by President Barack Obama was called uninspired and many felt the speech lacked depth. President Obama spoke of innovation, education and competing in a global market. But what is the immediate plan for job-growth for the 9.4 percent of Americans who are unemployed? This statistic doesn’t include the amount of workers who are not making enough money to support their families or provide healthcare.

Each year hundreds of thousands of college students graduate and join the work force. And many of these graduates expect to find their dream jobs making a great salary. They burden themselves with huge debt to achieve the American dream.

I will be a senior after this semester and plan to graduate college in the spring of 2012. I know many students who are staying in school longer than usual because the job outlook for their fields remains low.

Each year tuition and fees go up on many campuses while the amount of financial aid drops. And right now many college campuses are experiencing the highest amount of enrolled students they have ever had. President Obama spoke about increasing education in our country in his speech. But who is going to pay for it? What will the graduates do when they try to join the workforce and there is no job for them?

Yes, there are scholarships and grants to help ease the burden, but many students don't qualify. The government offers low-interest loans, but with the increase of the cost of living the amount of money students receive isn’t always enough. Then students find low paying jobs to help pay their bills and spend less time concentrating on school work.

There are many students living without healthcare, including myself. Most colleges offer an insurance plan for a high cost that doesn’t always cover what you need.

As a college student, I worry daily about the amount of money I have borrowed. And every time I get sick I worry about how I will pay for a doctor’s visit or the prescriptions I need. I can only hope by the time the spring of 2012 arrives and I dawn my cap and gown that our country has found a solution to stimulate our economy and create more jobs.

Christine Darin

Boardman resident


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