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Pardon turkeys; consider vegan meal

November 24, 2010
The Town Crier
Dear Editor:

President Barack Obama is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving. We, too, can exercise that same presidential power and choose to enjoy a nonviolent Thanksgiving. Abstaining from turkey shows compassion for innocent animals as well as concern for our family’s health at a time when we are giving thanks for life, health, and happiness.

The 270 million turkeys killed in the United States each year have nothing to be thankful for. Their beaks and toes are severed soon after they are born; they breathe toxic fumes and are crowded together in sheds until they arrive at the slaughterhouse, where workers cut their throats, and dump them into boiling water, even while still conscious.

We as consumers pay a heavy price, too. Turkey flesh is laced with cholesterol and saturated fats, elevating the risk of chronic killer diseases -- even the label warns of food poisoning potential.

This Thanksgiving, my Thanksgiving dinner will include a tofu turkey, lentil croquettes, and all the traditional accompaniments without any meat or dairy to spoil it. All it takes is a willingness to check out the Internet options for vegan Thanksgiving and visit the supermarket for an abundance of recipes and delicious turkey alternatives.

Louie Free

Boardman resident



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