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Dear Editor,

October 14, 2010
The Town Crier
Why do people move to Poland? Why do natives, like me, come back to Poland to raise their families? I've heard reasons ranging from the small town atmosphere to the affordable cost of living. While there are many different reasons, there is one I've heard more often than the others: our school district.

I'm writing because on Nov. 2 we will be asked to approve or reject a school levy. In support of this levy our school district has produced a document titled “Why Is A Levy Needed?”, that is available at Since the the facts and figures are detailed in this document I'm not going to regurgitate them. But I do want to mention what I consider to be pretty compelling points.

First, our district exceeded expectations set after the 2003 levy by sustaining the school system for two years beyond the promised five years.

Second, since fiscal year 2005-06 our district has seen its annual state support cut by $444,689.

Third, when compared to the other 13 Mahoning County school districts our district ranks ninth in operating tax millage and ninth in per pupil spending.

I know it's not the best time to be asking a community to support any type of levy, but I feel our district has shown itself to be cost effective with our tax dollars while maintaining a level of academic excellence.

For those of us with children in school the decision will probably be pretty easy. But for the empty nesters it may not be. So, for those of you without school aged children I ask you to think about the reasons that brought you to Poland. Our school district is just as important as the many other reasons that make our community what is.

Bill Hegarty

Poland resident



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