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Twin titans ready to dominate football field

Davis brothers compete at combines

June 23, 2010
By Nik Zirounis

Most high schools would consider themselves lucky to have a couple of boys from the same family excel on the football field.

At Austintown Fitch, not only do the Falcons have two from the Chris and Kim Davis household, but incredibly they are twins. Demitrious and Chris Davis, who are a quarterback and wide receiver respectively, will enter their junior seasons in Austintown ready to earn starting spots and poised to provide double trouble to opposing defenses. Of course, the twins have already been making names for themselves this entire off season. The brothers have been invited to multiple camps and combines that are usually reserved for the class of 2011, not for upcoming eleventh-graders.

At the recently completed Next Level Football Combine in Cleveland, Chris was named MVP. The 5-foot, 9-inch, 185-pound receiver completed his laser-timed 40-yard dash in an amazing 4.42 seconds. That time was the third fastest in the event’s history.

Not to be outdone, Demitrious, who measures an almost identical 5-feet, 10 inches, 185 pounds, dashed a 4.53 in his sprint. At another camp in Cincinnati, Demitrious was clocked at a 4.39 speed. Chris, who is one minute older than Demitrious, was one second faster at the Pittsburgh camp where he ran a camp low 4.38. Chris has also been clocked a fraction above four seconds in his shuttle run while his brother was timed at 4.1 in the same event. Those times make for a pretty puma-like pair of brothers. That is why daddy Chris does all he can to make sure his twins stay grounded.

“I try to keep my kids humble,” said the elder Davis from his home. “Every combine we try to tear it up and do better than the last one, but they can’t get too big (headed).”

Staying even keeled may be easier said than done for this dynamic duo. At the Pitt combine, Panther head coach Dave Wannstedt was certain that the pair were seniors-to-be after witnessing their run times. The veteran headman was stunned to find out that Chris and Demetrious just completed their sophomore seasons.

“Coach Wannstedt couldn’t believe they were just juniors,” Davis said. “He said if they run like this now, what are they going to run as seniors?”

One reason Davis’ kids are such tremendously talented runners is that they work hard at it every day. Both juniors do extensive speed training, leg lifting, dead lifting and flex band exercises. Those routines not only make the pair speedy, but they also make them muscular. Chris has a max bench press of 350 pounds, a maximum squat of 450 pounds and a 34-inch vertical leap while Demitrious goes 335, 440 and 35 inches respectively. These two athletes also have an incredible drive to be No. 1.

“It felt good to be the best (at the Pitt combine),” said young Chris. “I try to be the fastest (at each combine) and also be the best receiver.”

For Demitrious being great means that he has earned the starting quarterback job at Fitch for 2010 and has mastered coach Phil Annarella’s diabolical spread offense.

“I’m learning the spread,” said Demitrious positively. “I’m a mobile quarterback and that helps me in the spread. I have the option to run, which makes me comfortable. The coaching staff made some changes (in the offense) that have helped me. Some plays are being built just for me.”

A lot of the plays in the Fitch offense the past three seasons were designed for incumbent starting quarterback Jon Ballard. Ballard is off to Ohio Dominican University now, but while Demitrious was his understudy the former Falcon QB took him under his wing. Although Ballard was more of a pocket passer than the duel-threat Davis is, the now-graduated signal caller spread a wealth of knowledge to this year’s favorite for that same position.

“(Ballard) helped me a lot,” Demitrious said gratefully. “He taught me to throw better and how to hold the ball better. I looked up to him.”

Chris did not have such a strong mentor for a receiver mate as his brother did, but he does have that now famous Fitch offense in common with him.  When the spread was invented it seemed as if it was made for the receiving Davis brother.

“The spread is built for a player with my speed,” Chris said honestly. “Hopefully I can dominate some games on Friday night (because of the spread). A perfect game would be one where (both he and Demitrious) dominate the stat sheet.”

It is easy to see that one twin cannot speak long without mentioning the other one. That kind of bond is a weapon that coach Annarella may be able to use plenty this fall.

“It’s an advantage (having Demitrious as his quarterback) because we know each other so well,” said Chris. “There’s definitely a connection. I’m real excited for him to be my quarterback.”

That excitement, naturally, transfers to Demitrious as well.

“It’s great to be able to throw to my brother,” said the quarterback. “I hope we score a lot.”

Putting Fitch High School on the lips of college coaches and recruiters is like scoring a ton of touchdowns in the mind of Demitrious and Chris’ father. That is one of the reasons why he has taken his kids to all of these combines and camps around the country.

“These camps have put Fitch on the map,” the senior Davis stated. “It has been great exposure. Now recruiters know they can come to Austintown and get good players. It is important for the future of Fitch football. We want to be like the Ursulines and the Mooneys (in terms of exposure).”

True to Mr. Davis’ word, representatives from schools such as Tennessee, West Virginia, Clemson, Maryland and Oregon to name a few are calling and visiting Austintown like never before.

Davis does not only urge his own kids to attend these camps, the former Falcon football star and 1991 graduate helps other Fitch athletes get recognition too with the goal in mind to make the Falcons competitive in 2010 and beyond.

“All of these camps get us set for the season,” Davis explained. “I encourage all kids to play hard and make them know anything less than Fitch making the playoffs is unacceptable.”

Demitrious and Chris’ most recent camps were at Akron on Friday, June 18 and at West Virginia on Sunday, June 20. That Sunday date was also Father’s Day, but if you ask the Davis twins, everyday is Father’s Day to them.

“(Our father) has been a great influence,” said Demitrious and echoed by Chris. “He has given us lots of exposure and taught us a lot.”

Getting that praise from one child is awesome. Getting it from such a perfect pair of boys has to be priceless.

Article Photos

Photo special to Town Crier
Chris Davis, potential quarterback for this year’s Falcon football team posted a laser-timed 40-yard dash of 4.42 seconds at the Next Level Football Combine in Cleveland earlier this year. It was the third fastest of all time, easily making him an MVP at the event. His twin brother Demitrious posted a 4.53. If all goes well, Demitrious will be a Falcon receiver this fall.



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