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Core Six return to help Joe Kaluza

September 25, 2009
By J.T. Whitehouse
At this year’s Canfield Fair, the spark of human kindness brought the Core Six together again, and now they are ready to build a new home for Joe Kaluza, the Kentucky Fried Chicken manager who was paralyzed following a robbery.
The Core Six first came together in 2007 when Canfield single mom Rebecca Bailing found her dream home riddled with black mold and a faulty foundation. She had no funds to fix the problem and basically needed a whole new home. Sam Pitzulo, Donny Murphy, Jim Rach, Joe Reinthaler, John Morvay and Steve Bott came together to build it for her, a task they accomplished in 40 days.
The project took a lot out of the six men. Pitzulo said at the project completion that all he wanted to do was head home and sleep. One thing he and fellow Core Six members did take home from the project was a sense of pride for doing something good in the community.
Not much was heard from the Core Six after the Bailing project, but they did keep in touch. Pitzulo said they were like a close-knit family. He had no idea that when he attended this year’s Canfield Fair, the Core Six would be brought into action once again.
“I went to the fair and saw the Kaluza booth,” Pitzulo said. “I gave the volunteers the money I had in my pocket, then went to walk away. I stopped, turned around and went back and further offered my services to do the trim on the Kaluza house. Again I turned to walk away and stopped, thinking, 'I can do better than this'.”
Pitzulo then returned home and contacted the other Core Six members.
“Will you get behind me on this?” he asked them.
The other Core Six members readily agreed.
“When Sam first called and asked if I would get behind him, I had to say yes,” said John Morvay. “It gave me a good feeling after the Bailing project was complete. This one could feel even better.”
Morvay said the Core Six has become seven with the addition of Tom Paranzino, owner of Paranzino Bros. auctioneers and Bernard Daniels Lumber Yard in Canfield. Morvay said he was a big help in the Bailing home and has since become a member of the family.
“We are now at seven, but we are still the Core Six,” Morvay said. “We just can’t count.”
Pitzulo is fired up with the Core Six getting back together for such a worthy project. The project will involve building a completely handicapped accessible home for Kaluza, so he can regain some of the independence he has lost in his current home. The new house plans call for an open floor plan, overhead lifts, voice-activated doors, and accessible telephones and appliances.
They will break ground on the project at 8 a.m. Sept. 30 and Pitzulo said it should take around 60 to 70 days to complete.
“We’ve got a deadline of Dec. 15,” he said. "It should keep us busy.”
Corrine Rach, wife of Core Six member Jim Rach is also ready to help. At the Bailing project, she did a lot to help keep the volunteer work force fed.
"If you keep the workers fed, they will actually stay longer,” she said. “Whether it's a pot of chili, sandwich tray, donuts or whatever you can do to help.”  
For those wishing to contribute, Corrine can be reached at 330-502-44l0.
Anyone who wants to donate time, money or materials can contact project coordinator Andrea Murphy at 330-717-2507, or any of the Core Six members: Pitzulo at 330-533-2137; Murphy at 330-533-8945; Rach at 330-502-4413; Reinthaler at 330-540-7926; Morvay at 330-702-8404; Bott at 330-501-1090; or Paranzino at 330-533-2211.
According to the plan, the house is expected to be finished by mid-December and will be given to the Kaluza family on Dec. 15, with a party for all the volunteers planned for on Jan. 16, 2010 at Stambaugh Auditorium.

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