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Austintown, Boardman, Canfield and Poland


Perkins Restaurant, 5550 Interstate Blvd.
Country Inn Suites, 5570 Interstate Blvd.
Cracker Barrel 5600 Interstate Blvd
Sunoco, 25 N Canfield Niles Rd.
Billiard Emporium 4220 Mahoning Ave
Santisi IGA, 4477 Mahoning Ave.
Dunkin Donuts, 4812 Mahoning Ave.
Bamboo Garden, 5468 Mahoning Ave.
McDonalds, 5526 Mahoning Ave.
Vinnies Drive Thru, 1255 S Raccoon Rd.
Check-n-Go, 1600 S Raccoon Rd.
McDonald’s, 1709 S Raccoon Rd.
Nemenz Save-a-Lot, 1715 S Raccoon Rd
Raccoon Rd. Beer & Wine, 3120 S Raccoon Rd.
Big Lots, 4341 Kirk Rd.
Briar Hill Pizza, 50 S Meridian Rd.
Serrecchico’s Restarant, 569 S Meridian Rd.
USA Gas Mart, 667 S Meridian Rd.
Banyan Tree Rehab, 5401 Ashley Circle
Victoria House, 5295 Ashley Circle
Quaker Steak & Lube, 5800 Interstate Blvd.
Starbucks Coffee, 851 N Canfield Niles Rd.
Best Western, 870 N Canfield Niles Rd.
BriarField Manor, 461 S Canfield Niles Rd.
Weaver Family Chiropractic, 1130 S Canfield Niles Rd.
Conray Shell, 4200 Mahoning Ave.
Medicine Shoppe, 4433 Mahoning Ave.
Arby’s, 4440 Mahoning Ave.
Cornersburg Pizza, 4750 Mahoning Ave.
Marc’s, 4755 Mahoning Ave.
Little Caesars Pizza, 4774 Mahoning Ave.
Cashland Advance, 4805 Mahoning Ave.
Hollywood Video, 5225 Mahoning Ave.
Rite Aid, 5498 Mahoning Ave.
Colla’s, 5509 Mahoning Ave.
Plaza Book & Smoke, 6000 Mahoning Ave.
Great Clips, 6006 Mahoning Ave.
Austintown Library, 600 S Raccoon Rd.
Conray Shell, 1704 S Raccoon Rd.
Pit Stop Drive Thru, 1744 S Raccoon Rd.
Golden Food Mart, 4282 New Rd.
Rulli Bros, 4331 Kirk Rd.
Family Video, 4385 Kirk Rd.
Speedway, 4401 Kirk Rd.
Cornersburg Sparkle Market, 623 S Meridian
BP Gas Station, 890 Canfield-Niles Rd.
Fit Kids Now, Ohltown Rd.
Buffalo Wild Wings,6000 Mahoning Ave.
St. Elizabeth ER Care, 6252 Mahoning Ave.
Beverage Depot, 6300 Mahoning Ave.
Cross Creek Community Center, 100 Wilcox Rd.
Callaway Circle, (off Wilcox)Callaway Circle
Popeye’s Chicken, 6073 Mahoning Ave.
Walgreen’s, 5501 Mahoning Ave.
Flynn’s Tire Service, 4985 Mahoning Ave.
Denny’s Restaurant, 4927 Mahoning Ave.
Bill’s Place, 4771 Mahoning Ave.
Westgate Plaza, 4423 Mahoning Ave.
Burger King, 3525 Mahoning Ave.
Small Smiles Dental, 3353 Mahoning Ave.
Dollar General, 3351 Mahoning Ave.
Lil Jimmy’s Pizza, 3212 Mahoning Ave.
Corner of N. Main & N. Wickliff Circle
Upstairs Restaurant, 4500 Mahoning Ave.
Inner Circle Pizza, 4520 Mahoning Ave.
Cornersburg Pizza, 4750 Mahoning Ave.
Monroe Muffler, 4754 Mahoning Ave.
Sandwich Factory, 15 N. Canfield Niles Rd.
Conti Group Holdings, 45 N. Canfield Niles Rd.
Southern Care, 5401 Ashley Circle
Austintown Podiatry, 1300 S. Canfield Niles Rd.
Nova Care, 550 S. Canfield Niles Rd.
Rays Barbershop, 2977 Canfield Niles Rd
BP Station, 3107 S Canfield Niles Rd
Great Expectations, 4780 Kirk Rd.
Austinwoods Health Care, 4780 Kirk Rd.
Wedgewood Plaza, 1747 S. Raccoon Rd.
Wedgewood Coin Laundry, 4286 New Rd.
Rite Aid, 3527 Canfield Rd.
Davidson’s Restaurant, 3636 Canfield Rd.
Shops at Coal Creek, 3649 Canfield Rd.
Basket & More, 3383 Canfield Rd.
Post Office, 3375 Canfield Rd.
Brandywine Plaza, 2959 Canfield Rd.
Walgreen’s, 40 N. Meridian Rd.
Cornersburg Subway, 3500 Canfield Rd.
Cornersburg Pizza, 3518 Canfield Rd.
Landmark Restaurant, 38 S. Meridian Rd.
County Courthouse, 120 Market St. (Youngstown)
U.S. Courthouse, 125 Market St. (Youngstown)
Post Office, 95 Walnut St. (Youngstown)
Mr. News, Southern Park Mall
Caribou Coffee, 439 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
La-Z-Boy, 770 Boardman-Poland Rd.
Dr. Kubik, 1050 S Canfield Niles Rd
Walgreens, 3800 Tippecanoe Rd.


Town Crier Office,100 DeBartolo Place Ste. 210
Panda Garden, 5122 Market St
Sandwich Factoray, 6128 Market St
Sparkle Market, 6315 Market St
WorkMed, 6426 Market St.
Akron Children's Hospital Bldg A, B, C,D, 6505 Market St.
Yankee Kitchen, 6635 Market St.
Curves, 7050 Market St.
Fashion Square, 7377 Market St.
Great Harvest Bread, 7684 Market St.
Flamingo Plaza, 7807 Market St.
Eat-N-Park, 8049 Market St.
Subway, 8162 Market St.
McDonald’s, 15 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Denny’s, 154 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Subway, 270 Boardman Canfield Rd.
LaFrance Cleaners, 280 Boardman Canfield Rd.
A & W, 680 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Plaza Donuts, 712 Boardmana Canfield Rd.
Antone’s Restaurant, 720 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Pelican Park Plaza, 1315 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Creekside Beverage, 1401 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Flaming Ice Cube, 1449 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Bob Evans.4545 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Play It Again Sports, 813 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Stonebridge Grille, 1497 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Tippecanoe Square, Starr Centre Dr.
Petitti Gardens, 5509 South Ave
Aldi’s, 6131 South Ave
Sams Club Gas, 6361 South Ave
Rotelli Italian Grill, 6526 South Ave
Applebee’s, 6691 South Ave
Big Lots, 7110 South Ave
Aladdin’s Eatery, 7325 South Ave
Bird Farm Store, 8433 South Ave
Rusty’s Southside Grill, 8586 South Ave
Sparkle Market, 1134 W Western Reserve
Ice Zone, 360 McClurg Rd.
Maggies Magic Muffins, 7932 Southern Blvd
La Ti Da, 850 E Western Reserve
McDonald’s, 900 E Western Reserve
Golden Corral, 320 Boardman Poland Rd.
Panera Bread, 377 Boardman Poland Rd.
IHOP Restaurant, 833 Boardman Poland Rd.
Burger King, 841 Boardman Poland Rd.
Mocha House, 7141 Tiffany Blvd
Dunkin Donuts, Tiffany Blvd.
East Chicago Pizza, 92 Boardman Poland Rd.
Family Video, 5205 Market St
Sunoco, 5721 Market St
Dr. Mika's offic, 5815 Market St.
Health Food Center, 6015 Market St
Medicine Shop, 6900 Market st
Walgreens, 7295 Market St
Bruno Brothers Pizza, 8381 Market St
Deer Creek Plaza, 8414 Market St
Belleria Pizza, 8485 Market St
Arby’s, 29 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Jays Hot Dogs, 68 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Save-A-Lot, 223 Boardman Canfield Rd.
UPS Store, 143 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Rite Aid, 307 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Boardman Medical, 404 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Get Go, 480 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Shell Gas, 1510 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Boardman Public Library, 7680 Glenwood Ave
Conroy Shell, 8600 Glenwood Ave
Sparkle, 4121 South Ave
Wedgewood Pizza, 6200 South Ave
Mr News, Southern Park Mall
Army Recruiting Office, 7401 Market St. (mall)
Browns Drug Store, 5106 Southern Blvd
Youngstown Hearing & Speech, 6614 Southern Blvd.
Shell Gas, 998 E Western Reserve
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 381 Boardman Poland Rd.
Caribou Coffee, 439 Boardman Poland Rd.
Honeybaked Ham, 813 Boardman Poland Rd.
X- Press Stop, 7100 Lockwood Blvd
Convenient Food Mart, 8270 Market St
Eye Care Associates, 1074 W. Western Reserve
West Glen Plaza, 8600 Glenwood Ave.
Shang Hai River, 945 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Tuffy Auto, 721 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Sheer Elegance, 755 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Second Sole, 755 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Famous Hair, 371 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Havana House, 235 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Once Upon a Child, 7334 Market St.
Landmark Restaurant, 7424 Market St.
Sunny & Sasha’s Consignment, 15 Stadium Dr.
Boardman Lanes, 7524 Market St.
Goodyear Tire Service, 418 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Washing Wel, l7170 West Blvd.
Thano’s Restaurant, 6620 Tippecanoe Rd.
Creekside Fitness, 1419 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Burger King, 1403 Boardman Canfield Rd.
County Courthouse, 120 Market St.
US Courthouse, 125 Market St.
Post Office, 95 Walnut St.
Public Library, 3730 Market St.
Midas Auto Service, 5938 Market St.
Cargo Vet Center, 6721 Market St.
Pizza Joe’s, 6810 Market St.
Suburban Vision Center, 6828 Market St.
Good Feet Store, 7110 Market St.
Wildbirds Unlimited, 90 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Tisone’s Shoe Repair, 170 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Monro Muffler, 210 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Backyards & Billiards, 226 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Bdmn. Park Administration, 375 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Holiday Inn, 7410 South Ave.
American Red Cross, 8392 Tod Ave.
Ship-On-Site, 850 E. Western Reserve
Mahoning Valley Hospital, 8059 South Ave.
Carano’s Lawn Care, 7717 South Ave.
Country Fair, 7465 South Ave.
Marc’s Grocery, 7141 Tiffany Blvd.
Mathew Square Plaza, 6131 South Ave.
Walgreens Pharmacy, 525 E. Midlothian
Laundry Basket, 978 Mathews
La-Z-Boy Furniture, 6200 South Ave.
Sylvan Learning Center, 809 Kentwood
Astre Total Fitness, 374 Boardman Poland Rd.
Youngstown Hearing & Speech, 6614 Southern Blvd.
Purpose Money, 66 Boardman Poland Rd.
Cocca’s Pizza, 7185 Market St.
Boardman Inn, 7109 Market St.
Wagon Wheel Motel, 7015 Market St.
Boardman Express Mart, 6249 Market St.
YMCA, 45 McClurg Rd.
St. Elizabeth ER, 8401 Market St.
St. Elizabeth Hospital, 8401 Market St.
Hungry Howie’s, 5205 Market St.
Bloomin Crazy, 8277 Market St.
Brdmn. Police Administration, 8299 Market St.
Ankle Foot Care Center, 8175 Market St.
Bob Evans, 7347 California Ave.
Adamas Jewelry, Corner of Market St. & McClurg Rd.
Los Gallos, 685 Boardman Canfield Rd # 2
Camelot Lanes, 628 Boardman Canfield Rd
Motter’s Music, 721 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Grand Buffet, 7690 Market St.
Tiffany Square Plaza, 1280 Boardman Poland Rd.
Shangri La Express, 840 Boardman Poland Rd.
Boardman Fire Dept, 136 Boardman Poland Rd.
Huntington Woods, 1393 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Disciples Christian Church, 565 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
Chick Fil-A, 1051 Boardman Canfield Rd.
First Place Professional Tiffany Blvd
Mahoning Valley Hospital, 8059 Market St
Beeghly Davis Building, 6505 Market St
Akron Buildings B & D, 6505 Market St
Shepherd of the Valley, 9111 Sharrott Road
Hampton Wood Nursing Center, 1525 Western Reserve Rd.

Lou's Beer and Wine, 2975 S Canfield Niles Rd.
Bistro GQ, 5231 S. Canfield Niles Rd.
St. Michael's Church, 281 Glenview Road
War Vet Museum, 23 E. Main St.
BP, 3107 Canfield Niles
Canfield Beverage231 Canfield Niles
Nemenz IGA, 8 N Broad St.
Pizza Joe’s, 400 W Main St.
Amron Lanes, 492 W Main St.
Hunters Woods Condos, 22 Hunters Woods Blvd.
TP Tools, 7075 St Rt 446
Canfield Library, 43 W Main St.
Canfield Presbyterian, 140 W. Main St.
Canfield Township Hall, 21 S Broad St.
Canfield City Hall, 104 Lisbon St.
Kolachi Cafe, 42 S Broad St.
Giant Eagle, 525 E Main St.
Get Go Gas, 375 E Main St.
Dollar Tree, 405 E Main St.
Panera Bread ,4205 Boardman Canfield Rd.
X- Press Stop, 7100 Lockwood Blvd.
Taco Bell 4254 Boardman Canfield Rd.
McDonald’s, 586 E Main St.
Arby’s, 13 Talsman Dr.
YOLO Mediterranean, 5231 S. Canfield Niles Rd.
Magnolia’s on the Green, 79 N. Broad St.
Cocca’s Pizza, 76 N. Broad St.
Ovenfresh Pizza, 14 N. Broad St.
United Methodist Church, 27 S. Broad St.
Bernard Daniels Lumber, 250 Railroad St.
Pamela Berkett DDS, 13 Lisbon St.
Dars Cafe, 7 Lisbon St.
Farmers National Bank, 20 S. Broad St.
Canfield Experimental Farms, 7574 Columbiana-Canfield
CVS Pharmacy, 601 E. Main St.
Perkins Restaurant, 587 E. Main St.
Inner Circle Pizza, 6579 Ironwood Blvd.
Harry & Jeans, 6580 Ironwood Blvd.
Hampton Inn, 6690 Ironwood Blvd.
Tri County Rehab, 567 E. Main
Zinni Chiropractic, 540 E. Main
Bob Evans, 4545 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Peaberry’s Cafe, 4350 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Jennifer Baird MD, 4139 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Canfield Counseling Clinic, 3974 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Sunkiss Tanning, 4373 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
Hair Hut, 4362 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
Salon Shericci, 4350 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
Casals Salon, 403 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Tippecanoe Square, Starrs Centre Drive
Hilltop Plaza, 584 E. Main St.
Dr. Domingo, 3821 Starrs Centre Dr
Mr. News, Southern Park Mall
Caribou Coffee, 439 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
La-Z-Boy, 770 Boardman-Poland Rd.
Thano’s Restaurant, 6620 Tippecanoe Rd
Great Clips, 4259 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Rulli Bros, 4331 Kirk Road
Monastery Inn & Retreat Ctr, 7815 Akron-Canfield Rd.
Rotary Building, 320 Oak St./Fair St.

Mocha House 7141 Tiffany Blvd.
McDonalds 1110 Boardman Poland Rd.
Chick-Fil-A 1051 Boardman Poland Rd.
Kmart, 209 Boardman Poland Rd.
Fairfield Inn, 7397 Tiffany South
Red Roof Inn 1051 Tiffany South
Dunkin Donuts 1301 Boardman Poland Rd.
Friendly’s , 3 W. McKinley Way
Poland Library, 311 S. Main St.
Sami Quick Stop, 3067 Center Rd.
Arby’s Restaurant, 3255 Center Rd.
Belleria Pizza,  3187 Center Rd.
Burger King, 3350 Center Rd.
Johnny's Barber Shop, 3008 Center Road
Giant Eagle, 3130 Center Road
Ankle & Foot Care Center, 3262 Center Road
Miller Rod & Gun, 5140 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Belleria Pizza 1010 Youngstown Poland Rd.
One Stop Depot 1008 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Struthers Beer & Wine, 850 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Cigarettes 4 Less, 866 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Nemenz IGA, 655 Creed St., Struthers
Video Encore, 618 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Family Dollar, 444 Youngstown Poland Rd.
CVS 900, Youngstown Poland Rd.
Schwebels, 936 Youngstown Poland Rd
Embassy, 5030 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Poland Gas Mart, 57 N. Main St.
Mark Salzman Instrument Repair, 1 N. Main #5
Music Lessons for Us All, 1 N. Main #3
Walgreen’s, 30 W. McKinley Way
First Place Professional Bldg., Tiffany Blvd.
Dr. Frank Bailey, 101 S. Main St.
Dr. Jeffrey Logan, 124 S Main St.
Sandwich Factory, 3057 Center Rd.
Medicine Place Pharmacy, 3051 Center Rd.
Marathon Gas Station, 3190 Center Rd.
Curves, 3040 Center Rd.
Dairy Queen, 3044 Center Rd.
Pascarella’s Restaurant, 3032 Center Rd.
Arby’s, 704 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Poland Hairworks, 3004 Center Rd.
Robert’s Hair, 1714 Boardman Poland Rd.
Stevens Optical, 1714 Boardman Poland Rd.
Shell Gas Station, 5810 Poland Struthers Rd.
Sparkle Market, 982 Fifth St.
Thrift Store, 295 Rita Dr.
PNC Bank, 1000 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Goodwill, 460 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Fast Fuel, 450 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Caribou Coffee, 439 Boardman Canfield Rd.
Mr. News, Southern Park Mall
La-Z-Boy Furniture, 770 Boardman Poland Rd.
Marcs Grocery, 7121 Tiffany Blvd.
The Laundry Stop, 5048 Youngstown Poland Rd.
Hampton Inn, 7395 Tiffany South
Residente Inn, 7396 Tiffany South
Starbucks, 1247 Boardman Poland Rd.
Dr. James Krumpak, 1714 Boardman Poland Rd.
Ariante, 101 South Main
Poland Village Hall, 308 S. Main St.
Dr. Frank Wanat D.D.S., 8274 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Rd.
East Point Place, 8828 Youngstown Pittsburgh Rd.
Island Tropics, 8281 Youngstown Pittsburg Rd.
Fine Tune Fitness, Youngstown Pittsburg Rd
Struthers Mini Mart, 293 Center Rd
Sami Quick Stop, Youngstown Poland Rd
Town & Country Dry Cleaners, 9 Sheridian Rd
Bahama Tanning, 6635 Clingan Road
Visage Hair Salon, 6525 Clingan Road
Poland Family Chiropractic, 8270 Youngstown-Pittsburgh


T.O.P.S. Group 2191 weekly meeting March 12, 2020

T.O.P.S. Group 2191, Austintown, meets at 5:45 p.m. Thursdays at Wickliffe Presbyterian Church, 45 Idlewood Drive, Austintown. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a support group for those trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss. For more information, call 330-550-0169, or visit more »

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March 5, 2012 With St. Patrick’s Day nearing, I thought I’d take a moment to remind my readers that not being of Irish descent doesn’t exclude you from the day’s festivities. more »

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