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Rules of the road

April 17, 2010 - Kathleen Palumbo
With spring well under way, we find ourselves sharing the road with our fellow man more often. Those mundane errands seem almost pleasant when they don’t entail a weather channel consultation, three layers of under armor and an inhaler. 
It appears to be time to address that pesky problem once again rearing its rude little head…inconsiderate drivers. Follow these guidelines, and together, we’ll cut down on the incidence of road rage.   
- Turn signals are not optional, nor are they to be used mid-turn as an afterthought.
- Traffic lights only offer one shade of green – so when it changes…GO! Stopping to smell roses does not, nor has it ever, applied to driving. 
- Be courteous. If you’re going to sit at a light anyway, allow those trying to enter from parking lots…etc. the luxury of not having to channel their inner Mario Andretti to do so once the light changes.
- While cell phone use hasn’t been legally curbed, follow this rule of thumb. While the quick, “I need directions,” is acceptable - the twenty-minute long chat with your BFF can wait till you’re off the road.
- If you’re driving behind me, I don’t want to see your pores.  Otherwise stated, BACK OFF! (This would be one of my personal pet peeves, and yes, I will slow to a ridiculous speed to make my point).
I feel better now…if you have a tip of your own…feel free to share; we’re all in this together.     


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