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It's a dog's life

September 17, 2009 - Kathleen Palumbo
September 16th marked Ivy’s 11th birthday. Relatively neurotic when it comes to food, she makes me laugh out loud daily, knows when I really need a hug, and is loyal to the core. She sees no distinction between dogs and people; she’s just part of the family. More intrinsically unique Ivy trivia:  
-Can hear a utensil scraping a plate within a 10-mile radius
-Loves raw vegetables, rawhides and would kill for a bowl of cream of wheat
-The word "bath" whether spoken or spelled, sends her retreating to the nearest toilet to hide behind (I think she believes this makes her invisible to the untrained eye)   
-Has a body weight of approximately 15 pounds, with the mental appetite of Chef Paul Prudhomme

-Shreds tissues, expressing genuine shame afterward
- Sound of her snoring resembles a monster truck rally
-Enjoys chasing squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies; having caught only one in 11 years hasn't deterred her enthusiasm
-Can manipulate her bladder control to ration nearly 40 efforts per walk
-“Plays” tough, but is afraid of her own shadow
-Her picture should appear in the dictionary, aside the word friend
At eleven, in between bouts of radical energy, Ivy is a little slower, she naps more. Can you blame her? In her dreams I’m sure she’s catching every bunny, there’s no such thing as baths, and life is just one big bowl of cream of wheat. 
Tell me about your dog.


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